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Susan Soggs

3rd year graduate student.

Research Interests: microfabrication, process integration, process and device modeling

Current Goal: PhD in Electrical Engineering with focus in Devices/MEMs
MS Electrical Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, Aug. 2004
BS Chemical Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, June 1994

Work Experience

  • Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector (now Freescale Semiconductor), Austin TX, 1994-2002
  • U.S. Navy microwave communications: Totsuka Japan, Wahiawa HI

Outside interests: acrylic and oil painting, interior design, art history, jewelry design and fabrication, gluten-free and organic cooking, Naturopathy, ferret rescue, taking my teenage nieces and nephew to horror movies

Selected Publications

“Insitu Integration of EO polymer waveguide device with NMOS amplifier circuitry on Si”, manuscript in progress

Susan Soggs, Haishan Sun, Antao Chen, Kian Kaviani, Nishant Bhatambrekar, Anna Pyajt, Jingdong Liu, Larry Dalton, Alex Jen, Babak Parviz, “Feasibility study: integration of electro-optic polymer waveguide device with MOS circuitry on silicon”// Presented at Photonics West 2005, Jan. 2005; proceedings to be published

Combined trench isolation and inlaid process for integrated circuit formation, U.S. patent 5,963,818, 1999

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