Here are key sources for further study

Some of the pamphlets, including this one, are availabe in digital format here.

Campaign pamphlets & periodicals

California League Against Sinclairism. Upton Sinclair Attacks all Churches , 1934.
EPIC News , Dec. 1933-Sept. 1947.
National EPIC Magazine, 1936.
Pickerill, Thomas Edwin. I, assemblyman from Orange County, and how I supported Upton Sinclair. (74th Assembly District) 1934
Sinclair, Upton. EPIC Answers How to End Poverty in California.1934
Sinclair, Upton. EPIC Plan for California. 1934
Sinclair, Upton. I, Governor of California, And How I Ended Poverty, A True Story of the Future, 1933
Sinclair, Upton. Immediate EPIC, The Final Statement of the Plan, 1934.
Sinclair, Upton. We, the People of America, and How We End Poverty, A True Story. 1935


Greg Mitchell's book is the most detailed account of the campaign against Sinclair .


Arthur, Anthony. Radical Innocent : Upton Sinclair New York : Random House, 2006.
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Rogin, Michael Paul and John L. Shover. Political Change in California: Critical Elections and Social Movements, 1890- 1966 , 1970
Sinclair, Upton. Autobiography .
Sinclair, Upton. I, Candidate For Governor : And How I Got Licked; Introduction By James N. Gregory Berkeley : University of California Press, 1994
Starr, Kevin. Endangered dreams : the Great Depression in California New York : Oxford University Press, 1996



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Archival Collections

Elmer Belt Upton Sinclair collection, Occidental College Library Special Collections
Reuben Borough papers, UCLA special collections library
Teggart, Richard Victor. Scrapbook of Republican Campaign literature for the 1934 gubernatorial election.
Upton Sinclair Papers, Lilly Library, Indiana University