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Epidemiology is the study of the frequency, distribution, and determinants of disease in human populations. The mission of the Department is to provide rigorous training in the fundamentals and practice of epidemiology, to contribute to the understanding of the etiology and prevention of disease, and to improve the health of the public through excellence in research.


Epi Seminars  

October 6, 2015
Health Sciences K069
3:30pm to 4:30pm

Ebola: The Disease and the Response
Marcia F. Goldoft, MD, MPH, MS
Clinical Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
Medical Epidemiologist, Washington State Department of Health, Communicable Disease Epidemiology



Maternal Stress Linked to More Cavities in Children, Washington Study Finds (ASPPH Friday Letter 10/02/2015)

Detecting more small cancers in screening mammography suggests overdiagnosis (Medical Xpress 07/24/2015)

Female Hormonal Factors and the Risk of Endometrial Cancer in Lynch Syndrome (JAMA 07/24/2015)

High blood calcium linked with increased risk of premature death in dialysis patients (Eureka Alert 01/22/2015)