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Clinical Research Certificate Programs
Tuition and Fees

Current UW Graduate Students

Graduate students already enrolled in UW degree programs pay tuition at the rate specified for their program.

GNM Students Who Are Not UW Employees

Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM) students pay tuition and fees according to the Educational Outreach Tuition Schedule for graduate courses on the Seattle campus.

GNM Students Who Are UW Employees

A GNM student may use the UW Faculty/Staff Tuition Exemption (partial) if s/he holds at least a half-time, non-temporary appointment with UW, has supervisor approval, and meets other requirements listed on the tuition exemption website. GNM students who are UW employees are charged tuition according to the regular UW Tuition Schedules. To view your tuition from this link, select "Quarter Tuition Charges by Credit Hour." (Note that Autumn Quarter tuition charges are not usually posted until August.) Scroll down to "Nonmatriculated taking graduate courses". UW employee GNM students are categorized for tuition purposes under "Resident".
  • Prior to Registration Each Quarter
    Faculty/staff tuition-exempt students must submit the required Tuition Exemption Request form, signed by his/her employing department chair two weeks before each quarter in which s/he wishes to use the exemption, to the Registration Office, Box 355850, 225 Schmitz Hall.

  • Registration
    Tuition-exempt students may not register for any credits before the third day of the quarter (or they will be charged full tuition). Important: BIOST 511 in Autumn may fill prior to the 3rd day of the quarter due to increased enrollment in the School. If you plan to use the Faculty/Staff Tuition Exemption, you may not be able to get into the class. See Academic Calendar for quarterly dates.

  • Costs
    GNM students using the Faculty/Staff Tuition Exemption will be charged about $75 for up to 6 course credits ("course credits" = below the 600-level). If the student is enrolled in 6 course credits plus any additional credits (any 600- to 800-level credits, or more than 6 course credits), for a total of 7 to 18 credits, then the tuition will be about $700 per quarter.* This means that a student who starts in Autumn but has not taken BIOST 511 or the equivalent, and wishes to finish in one year, will have to take more than one course in Autumn and pay the extra tuition.

    *NOTE: This is an estimate of tuition costs for 2009-10. Tuition is subject to change each year.

  • Capstone Course Costs
    When a student registers for the capstone course, s/he will have to pay full tuition for 2 credits (minimum charged by UW) unless s/he registers for at least 2 course credits that are covered by the tuition exemption during the same quarter. In other words, it is more expensive to take only the capstone credit in a quarter than to take the capstone plus between 2 and 18 course credits.