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By enrolling as a Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM) student, individuals can earn UW academic credit or an academic certificate for coursework taken without being admitted to a degree program. Epidemiology and Biostatistics only offer weekday, daytime classes. Professional and Continuing Education may offer versions of introductory Epidemiology and Biostatistics courses. The Executive MPH offers EPI 511, ENVH 511, and some partially on-line Health Services classes. Email crmoore@uw.edu to find out if there is room in the course. If you seek additional on-line courses visit the Association of Schools of Public Health for programs with specific public health accreditation or Council on Education for Public Helath for additional opportunities.

GNM status application deadlines are about 6 weeks in advance of each quarter and require a well-researched and written statement of purpose and CV or resume, as well as official transcripts. Certificate programs have much earlier deadlines.

Graduate NM v. Regular NM

A student admitted to GNM status is allowed to take graduate courses and apply a maximum of 12 applicable graduate credits to a future graduate degree at UW (if admitted). Such students apply for GNM status through a specific department (e.g., Epidemiology). Enrollment in specific courses requires instructor and departmental permission, is on a space-available basis, and occurs after degree students register. A GNM student pursuing a graduate certificate may NOT count certificate courses toward core graduate degree requirements (e.g. Epi 512-513, Biost 511-513 or other courses depending on the degree). If you are planning to apply to the UW Epidemiology graduate degree program in the future, or earn a graduate certificate you should apply for GNM status (rather than regular non-matriculated) to allow your credits to count toward your eventual degree or certificate and to demonstrate the seriousness of your intentions.

A student admitted to "regular" non-matriculated (NMatr) status is allowed to take graduate courses, but may not count the credits towards a graduate degree or certificate. The student, however, will not need to retake the courses for a public health degree if he or she achieves a grade of at least a 3.0 in the course. The student does not apply through an academic department, but must obtain instructor and departmental permission for each course, the same as GNM students.

Planning for a UW Epidemiology Degree in the Future

It is important to earn around 3.7 or better in the recommended classes below to have a decent chance of admission to an Epidemiology graduate program, although it is not required that you take them before applying. If you are a recent graduate, have little health sciences research experience, or did not achieve an A in or A- your quantitative classes, we recommend you take EPI 511, Introduction to Epidemiology through the Executive MPH program or PCE as listed above. (It does not count toward a UW Epidemiology Degree, but will demonstrate your interest in epidemiology and help you to write a better goal statement.) Achieving this standard does not guarantee acceptance to the program, however.

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This page was last updated on October 31, 2014