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Non-Matriculated Application

  • For graduate courses to count towards a future graduate degree, you must apply about 6 weeks in advance of the quarter for Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM) status.
  • Official transcripts, statement of purpose and CV are required. See Non-matriculated Application (Coming soon) for more information.
  • If you are not concerned about applying credits to a future degree apply through Non-Degree Enrollment:
Some of the above have application fees.

Course Information Needed for Registration

  • Days, times and locations of courses are in the quarterly Time Schedule.
  • The SLN (Schedule Line Number) is the 5-digit number under the course name and number, and is required for registration.
  • A ">" in front of the SLN means an "add code" is required to register. Follow the instructions under the course name to obtain a code. In many cases, you will be waitlisted until after the first week, but you should attend the class anyway.
  • Some courses will fill with degree students so you may not be able to take certain courses. See Non-matriculated Course Information.

Registration Instructions if You Are NOT a UW or Washington State Employee

See Non-Matriculated Registration through Non-Degree Enrollment.

  • See course information above
  • Complete a Registration Approval Form for each course you wish to take.
  • Obtain the instructor's signature first. Some instructors will not allow NMatr or GNM students in their classes.
  • Obtain the signature from the department offering the course. (Contact the person listed for add codes for the department in the Time Schedule .)
  • If the instructor or department will not sign or provide an add code until after the quarter starts, ask the department to write on the form, "Please waive late fee".
  • Faxed signatures are acceptable.
  • Provide a stamped self-addressed envelope, fax number, or email to return the form.
  • Complete the Registration Form.
  • Return both with payment to Non-Degree Enrollment (address on registration form).
  • Non-Degree Enrollment will not attempt to register you until the 1st day of the quarter. They will keep trying for the next 2 weeks. Attend classes in the meantime.
  • If the class is full, Non-Degree Enrollment will refund your tuition.

Employees eligible for the faculty/staff partial tuition exemption:

  • Read the linked page above before registering. See deadlines below.
  • See Course Information above
  • Complete a "request for Tuition Exemption" at website above.
  • Register through MyUW on the third day of the quarter starting at 6AM.

Registration Deadlines

Follow these schedules for a better chance of taking the course and to avoid last-minute complications that could result in a late registration fee.

  • Tuition Exemption Request to Registration Office: 2 weeks prior to start of quarter.
  • Obtain an Add Code (if required): As soon as possible to improve your chances of obtaining a seat in the class. Add codes become available when the quarterly Time Schedule is posted.)
  • Initial Registration through Non-Degree Enrollment: Work day prior to the start of the quarter (requires payment of tuition). To improve your chances of getting in to the class, register as soon as the quarterly Time Schedule is published and you obtain permission.
  • Initial Registration with Tuition Exemption: You cannot register for anything prior to the 3rd day of the quarter (4th day for WA State employees) or you will be charged full tuition.
    • Ask the person giving you a code to request a waiver of the late fee from regoff@u.washington.edu with your name & student number if you don't recieve a code by the 7th calendar day of the quarter.
  • Free Add/drop Deadline: 7th calendar day of the quarter. After that each change costs $20 and you will owe tuition for dropped credits.
  • Academic Calendar provides a complete list of registration/tuition deadlines and dates of instruction.

Non-Matriculated Overview
Non-Matriculated Application
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Non-Matriculated Tuition and Fees
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This page was last updated on October 31, 2014