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Time Schedule

  • Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM) students pay graduate tuition for all credits.
  • Regular Non-Matriculated students (not admitted to GNM status) pay graduate tuition for all credits if registered for any graduate level-credits in a quarter.

Students Who Are Not UW or WA State Employees

Students Who Are UW or WA State Employees

  • UW and WA State employee GNM students are charged Tier III tuition. (Note that Autumn Quarter tuition charges are not usually posted until August.) Postdoc fellows in the 1st calendar year of a fellowship may have the Non-Resident Differential (NRD) waived. The funding department must request an "NRD" waiver from Academic Human Resources in advance of each quarter for 1st year postdoc fellows. Postdoc fellows must apply to become WA residents in their 10th month as a fellow. See Washington State Residency for requirements. International students are ineligible for resident tuition.

  • A student may use the UW Faculty/Staff Tuition Exemption (partial) if s/he holds at least a half-time, non-temporary appointment with UW or WA State, has supervisor approval, and meets other requirements listed on the tuition exemption website. Read the information below in detail or you could be charged more money.

    • Prior to Registration Each Quarter
      A faculty/staff tuition-exempt student must submit the required Tuition Exemption Request form, signed by his/her employing department chair or fellowship director two weeks before each quarter in which s/he wishes to use the exemption, to the Registration Office, Box 355850, 225 Schmitz Hall.

    • Registration
      A tuition-exempt student may not register for any credits before 6AM on the 3rd day of the quarter (or he/she will be charged full tuition). The first day for WA State Employees is the 4th day of the quarter. See Academic Calendar for quarterly dates.

    • Courses that Fill: Several Epidemiology and SPH courses may fill prior to the 3rd day of the quarter due to increased enrollment in the School. See Non-Matriculated Courses.

      • If the course does not require an add code there is no way to guarantee you a space even if you have instructor permission.

      If the course requires an add code, email the indicated contact in the Time Schedule to be put on the waitlist and attend class until a decision is made. If the class is full or other students are ahead of you, we cannot give you a code even if the professor says you may take the class.

    • Costs GNM students using the Faculty/Staff Tuition Exemption will be charged about $75 for up to 6 course credits ("course credits" = below the 600-level). If the student has a WA resident classification or an NRD waiver (see above) and is enrolled in 6 course credits plus any additional credits (of any type), for a total of 7 to 18 credits, then the tuition will be about $800 per quarter.* If a student is a non-resident and does not have an NRD waiver, the tuition will be about $1,700/quarter* for 7-18 credits. See below concerning independent study credits. This means that a student who starts in Autumn but has not taken BIOST 511, 517, or the equivalent, and wants to take EPI 512, will have to take both courses in Autumn and pay the tuition indicated.

      *NOTE: This is an estimate of tuition costs for 20010-11. Tuition is subject to change each year.

    • Costs for Research Credits
      When a student registers for EPI 600 Independent Study, EPI 700 Thesis or EPI 800 Dissertation, he/she will have to pay full tuition for 2 credits (minimum charged by UW) or more as applicable unless he/she registers for at least 6 course credits (below 600 level) that are covered by the tuition exemption during the same quarter. In other words, it is more expensive to take only research credits in a quarter than to take research credits plus 6 course credits.

    • More Information on Faculty/Staff Tuition Exemption

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This page was last updated on August 16, 2010