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Waiving Required Courses

  • If you hope to waive a course, you must complete a Waiver Form and have it signed by 3 to 4 faculty members. (Electronic signatures are fine.)
  • The course upon which the waiver petition is based must have been 2 credits or more.
  • MS SPH electives may not be waived.
  • You must have received credit and if graded, the grade must be at least 3.0
  • EPI 512-513 may not be waived for any Epidemiology degree or certificate student.
  • EPI 700 may not be waived for an MS or MPH student
  • EPI 584 and EPI 800 may not be waived for a PhD student
  • To waive a Biostatistics course, do not approach the Biostatistics department, instead contact the Graduate Program Director, Professor Stephen M. Schwartz, at stevesch@uw.edu.
The waiver forms are at http://depts.washington.edu/epidem/CurrentStudents/#for.
  • There are 3 different forms; be sure to use the correct one.
  • The Associate Dean only needs to sign if you are an MPH student trying to waive HSERV 510 or 511, ENVH 511 or BIOST 511. The HSERV and ENVH courses are only waived on rare occasions.
  • A GNM student who wants to take EPI 512, but has taken biostatistics must send a copy of the applicable transcript and an explanation of any work experience using biostatistics to professor Victoria Holt at vholt@uw.edu to ask her permission to take EPI 512 without concurrent enrollment in BIOST 511/517.
  • If the waiver request is based on a course that you took, you must include a copy of your transcript showing credit and a syllabus (or at least a course description).
  • Once you have obtained the instructor’s and your advisor’s signature (or your committee chair’s, if selected), put the waiver form in the mail slot in the F261 Hall (across from the Epidemiology Student Academic Services) called “Epi Signature Drop Box”.
  • A PDF scanned form provided to the Epidemiology Student Academic Services is also acceptable.
EPI 510 & 514 Waivers:
  • EPI510: A number of PhD students and a few MPH/MS students waive EPI 510.
    • At a minimum, you must know SAS. If you do, contact Professor Rachel Winer at rlw@uw.edu or Chris Delaney at jacd@uw.edu to learn whether she or he thinks a waiver is possible.
    • If so, complete the Epi Course Waiver Form and obtain the required signatures.
  • EPI 514: Some PhD and a few MS/MPH students waive this course.
    • You must have had significant data analysis experience.
Waiving Required EPI Electives:
  • You must have taken a graduate course that is similar to an allowed Epi elective course. See the courses webpage.
Waiving PhD SPH Electives:
  • If you have taken a course whose content is at least 50% public health related, you may waive an SPH elective for the PhD.
    • No waiver form is required.
    • Send the course number, name, and institution to the Epidemiology Student Academic Services.
    • In some cases, more information about the course may be necessary, and is a few cases, the student may have to petition the Graduate Program Director about whether a course is appropriate for a waiver.

All requirements and information subject to change without notice.

This page was last updated on July 8, 2014