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Directions to the Department of Epidemiology


You must print the directions and maps and bring them with you. GPS, on-line directions/map services are inadequate.

Shuttle Express is a door-to-door van service that will drop off or pick up passengers at any address in the greater Seattle area. You must pre-arrange pickup 24 hours in advance to return to Seatac. Use the Website (cheaper) or call 425-981-7000 (M-F 8am-5pm Pacific Time).

  1. From Baggage Claim, follow the signs to ground transportation, up one floor and across the sky bridge.
  2. Ride the elevator to the 3rd floor of parking. Continue to follow signs to ground transportation. You will come to the Shuttle Express desk shortly.
  3. Ask to be taken to the University of Washington Medical Center at 1959 NE Pacific Street (or the appropriate accommodation).
  4. See Health Sciences Map
  5. From the semi-circular drive enter the main entrance to the Hospital.
  6. Turn right down the main hall to the Pacific Elevators.
  7. Continue past the Pacific Elevators and keep walking until you come to the F-wing. (You'll pass areas/wings with double letters such as "BB". Continue past these areas. Cross another lobby.)
  8. Turn LEFT into the F-wing hall and walk all the way to the School of Public Health bulletin board.
  9. Go down one floor. Facing the Epidemiology logo, turn left and take an immediate right. The Epidemiology Student Academic Services, in F263, is the last room by the windows.

Taxis are available near Shuttle Express at SeaTac. See Shuttle Express directions above.

Light Rail/Bus: Sound Transit operates light rail from the airport to downtown, M-F 5am-12pm (reduced weekends). From there you can catch a bus to the University District. For other destinations, use the Metro Trip Planner (206-553-3000).

  1. From the airport, take Sound Transit Rail to the International District Station. Change to Metro Bus 70, 71, 72, 73 or 74 at Bay A to the University District. See Schedules. (The University St. Station not near UW campus.)
  2. Consult the Campus Map.
  3. Get off at Brooklyn Avenue NE. Continue walking in the same direction and turn right on Brooklyn or University Way NE. Cross NE Pacific Street (at slight angle) and turn left.
  4. Consult the Health Sciences Map.
  5. Cross 15th Avenue NE and walk under the first pedestrian overpass. Keep going past two large grassy areas.
  6. Take the upward sloping walkway on the right at the end of the 2nd grassy area.
  7. Enter the doors at the top of the walkway and turn right.
  8. Turn left at the corner.
  9. Turn right and left again.
  10. Turn right into F-wing.
  11. At the Epidemiology bulletin board turn left and right at the corner.
  12. The Epidemiology Student Academic Services in F263 is the last office by the windows.


From Seatac Airport and North- or Southbound I-5

  1. If you are coming from SeaTac, follow the signs to northbound I-5.
  2. From either northbound or southbound I-5, take the NE 45th Street/University of Washington exit (north of downtown and just north of the Ship Canal Bridge and Lake Union, and just south of the N/NE 65th Street exit). Make sure you are in the lane for NE 45th Street.
  3. See the Campus Map.
  4. Turn Right on 45th from Northbound I-5 or Left from Southbound I-5.
  5. Turn right onto Brooklyn Avenue NE at the 4th light just past the University Tower. Drive 7 blocks, to NE Pacific Street (with the light). See meter or Montlake parking below.

From the Eastside of Lake Washington

Via I-90: Follow the signs for I-5 northbound and then see the I-5 directions above.

SR 520 Evergreen Floating Bridge

  1. A toll is required. Unless you have paid in advance (does not work well for out-of-town visitors), you will be billed to your license plate address. You will be charged more than the tolls listed below, but the applicable prices are not posted.
  2. Toll Information
  3. Take the exit to Montlake Boulevard NE.
  4. Turn right at the end of ramp.
  5. Travel a few blocks.
  6. Cross the Ship Canal Bridge (sometimes bridge is up)
  7. Move immediately into left hand turn lane after the bridge.
  8. Turn left onto NE Pacific Street.
  9. Cross under a pedestrian bridge.
  10. After the 2nd pedestrian bridge move to the left-turn lane.
  11. Turn left at 15th Avenue NE (big intersection).
  12. Veer right at 3-way stop sign to meter parking or left for parking gate.
  13. See appropriate applicable parking directions below.


Parking near Health Sciences has become very difficult on weekday mornings and early afternoon when the UW is in session (except summer).

  • You have to pay $15 to park south of the stadium in Montlake (E-12) Parking.
  • You cannot enter E-12 directly. See the specific procedure below.
  • Allow an extra half-hour for parking.
  • Ride the bus or shuttle bus or walk, if possible.
  • Consult the Campus and Health Sciences Maps.

UW Montlake Parking (E-12): Necessary if you need to park more than 2 hours and Health Sciences (S-1) is full. You must pay first at the S-1 Parking gatehouse behind Health Sciences and then go to E-12.

From Brooklyn Ave NE:

  1. From Brooklyn, turn left onto NE Pacific Street rather than crossing it.
  2. Cross University Way NE and turn right at the light on 15th Avenue NE.
  3. See :"From Either Direction" below.

From Montlake Boulevard NE: Follow #1-8 under SR520 above and directions below.

From Either Direction:

  1. On 15th Avenue NE, stop at the 3-way stop sign at NE Boat Street.
  2. Veer to the left.
  3. Stop at the gatehouse and pay for parking. Pay $15 in cash, debit or credit. If you will park less than 4 hours as you may be able to obtain a partial refund. (During UW breaks or summer, you may be allowed to park behind Health Sciences.)
  4. Turn around the gatehouse and return to 15th Avenue NE.
  5. Turn right onto NE Pacific.
  6. Stay in the right lane and drive under 2 pedestrian overpasses.
  7. Shortly after the 2nd overpass, get into the Right-TURN lane (traffic light) and turn right onto NE Montlake Blvd.
  8. Move immediately to the left lane.
  9. Turn left into the small drive just past the construction fence. Watch for pedestrians when crossing the side walk.
  10. Once you reach E-12, look for a place to park.
  11. You may have to drive to the lower end of the parking lot to find empty spaces.
  12. Do NOT park inside the stadium fence or in the area marked E11, or you will get a ticket.
  13. If you park less than 4 hours, return to the S-1 gatehouse for a partial refund.

Health Sciences Parking (S-1): Limited to patients, faculty & staff; not usually open to visitors except maybe during UW breaks or summer.

Do NOT park in the Triangle Garage across from the UW Medical Center off NE Pacific Place. It is for patients and hospital visitors only. It costs ~$30 for others.

Meter Parking on Boat Street for after 2:00 pm, UW breaks and summer: Meter parking requires about $2.00 per hour for up to two hours. Bring a MasterCard or Visa credit or debit card. See below for directions.

From NE 45th Street

  1. Southbound on Brooklyn, cross NE Pacific Street (with the light) and follow to Boat Street by the water.
  2. Turn right at the stop sign and look for an open meter.
  3. Pay for 2 hours due to need to walk back and forth to Epidemiology Department.
  4. See Walk to Epidemiology Student Academic Services below.

From Montlake Boulevard NE

  1. Follow #1-8 under SR 520 above.
  2. Pass under the 2nd pedestrian overpass.
  3. After big intersection at 15th Ave NE, turn left onto Brooklyn NE at another traffic light.
  4. Turn right onto Boat Street for meters.
  5. Pay for 2 hours due to need to walk back and forth to Epidemiology Department.
  6. See Walk to Epidemiology Student Academic Services below.


From all directions, see Campus Map and Health Sciences Map.

From Boat Street

  1. From Boat street, walk east, past Brooklyn Avenue NE.
  2. At the 3-way stop sign (15th Ave NE), veer right, and follow Columbia Road as it curves.
  3. Continue along the same road, passing the parking gate.
  4. Continue past the first red brick wing (F-wing) to the wide stairs on the north (left) side of Columbia Road.
  5. Cross the street and go up the stairs.
  6. Do NOT try enter the building earlier; you will get lost.
  7. Turn left on the small walkway at the top.
  8. Enter the glass door and continue almost to the windows.
  9. F263 is the last office by the windows.

From the Stadium/Montlake Parking Area (E-12)

  1. Walk toward the UW Medical Center (flat pink and tall white buildings across Montlake Blvd NE).
  2. Cross Montlake Blvd NE (and NE Pacific St, if necessary)
  3. Turn left to the semi-circular drive.
  4. Enter the main entrance to UWMC from the semi-circular drive.
  5. Turn right down the main hall to the Pacific Elevators.
  6. Continue past the Pacific elevators and keep walking pass the double letter wing, such as BB-wing
  7. Continue past the Health Sciences Lobby until the F-wing (about 1/2 mile from parking).
  8. Turn left into the F-wing hall and walk all the way to the "T" in the hall at the School of Public Health sign.
  9. Go down one floor. Facing the Epidemiology logo, turn left and immediately right.
  10. F263 is the last office by the windows.

From Upper Campus

  1. From the southwest (lower right) side of Drumheller Fountain, facing Mount Rainier, veer right past the Chemistry Building onto Garfield Lane.
  2. Walk past the Herb Garden,
  3. Cross Steven's Way and continue on the walkway past the bus shelter through the bushes until you reach the pedestrian overpass.
  4. Cross it and enter the Health Sciences Building. You will be on the fourth floor.
  5. Go through the second set of doors and cross the lobby to the building map on the wall.
  6. Turn right and immediately left into the F-Wing
  7. Walk all the way to the "T" in the hall.
  8. Go down two floors. Facing the Epidemiology logo, turn left and immediately right at the corner.
  9. F263 is the last office by the windows.

From Hitchcock North Metro bus stop or incoming on-demand stop for Health Sciences Express or FHCRC/SLU shuttle.

  1. From the U District or Wallingford (from west), pull the cord as the bus/shuttle turns left from 15th Avenue NE onto NE Pacific Street. (Ask the driver.)
    • Walk in the same direction as the bus traveled.
    • See #3 below.
  2. From the Montlake Bridge (drawbridge to southeast of Health Sciences), get off at the 2nd stop on NE Pacific Street by the 2nd pedestrian overpass. (Ask the driver.)
    • Cross NE Pacific Street to south side.
  3. Walk past the grassy area.
  4. At the end of the grassy area, take the sloping ramp on the right up to the double doors.
  5. Enter the doors at the top of the walkway and turn right.
  6. Turn left at the corner.
  7. Turn right and left again.
  8. Turn right into F-wing.
  9. At the Epidemiology bulletin board turn left and right at the corner.
  10. The Epidemiology Student Academic Services in F263 is the last office by the windows.
  11. This page was last updated on March 4, 2014