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Department of Epidemiology
Approval Process for Waivers for Required Courses


Process for students:

  1. Contact the instructor prior to the beginning of the quarter in which the course is offered to discuss a possible waiver of the required course.

  2. After discussing with the instructor, provide him/her with syllabus, number of credits and grade received from prior graduate level course that is equivalent to course to be waived. If a syllabus is not available for the course, provide the course title, a written description of the course content, and the institution where the course was completed.

  3. If work experience (e.g. data analysis as part of research team) is proposed as a substitute for a required data analysis course such as EPI 510 or EPI 514, the student must provide a description of the work experience including type of analysis, programming languages and the data set(s) used for analysis, and any publications resulting from the analysis.

  4. If a waiver is granted, the student will not receive UW credits for the waived course, nor will the credits obtained in the course that was the basis for the waiver count toward credits completed for the student's UW degree program.

Process for Instructors:

  1. Before the required course begins, the course instructor will receive information from the student on prior, equivalent graduate level course work. The information should include the course syllabus, grade received, and number of credit hours.

  2. The instructor will review these materials and determine if the prior course work is equivalent in terms of the level of the course (must be graduate level), number of contact hours, the topics covered, and the rigorousness of the coursework. If the instructor believes that the prior course content meets this standard, the instructor can choose to provide the student with a waiver.

  3. For a waiver for a data analysis course such as EPI 510 or EPI 514, the instructor will evaluate the student’s prior work experience with data analysis. If the instructor believes that the prior experience was equivalent to the data analysis required for the course, the instructor can choose to provide the student with a waiver.

  4. If the instructor does not find that the course work or data analysis experience is equivalent or if the work or analysis has not yet occurred, the student should not be given a waiver.

  5. The instructor will make a decision on the waiver before the beginning of the quarter during which the required course is offered.  


Updated on December 31, 2009