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Peer Review Information

Peer Reviews:

Many of us find professional peer review very useful: it suggests different perspectives and provides valuable feedback on what is compelling and what can be problematic.

The University Handbook requires that departmental recommendations for promotion, tenure, and reappointment include documentation of teaching effectiveness in two forms: student evaluation and collegial evaluation. Without such documentation, the College Council, Dean, and Provost will be unable to recommend a salary increase, promotion, tenure, or reappointment.

Student evaluation of teaching. According to the Handbook, each faculty member must have at least one student course evaluation done every year in which he/she teaches a course. Student assessments of teaching normally use the standardized forms provided by the Educational Assessment Center.

Collegial evaluation of teaching: The Faculty Code calls for peer review each year for Instructors, Lecturers and Assistant Professors; every 2 years for Associate Professors, and every three years for Professors.

These reviews are an important part of the candidate's record. Active participation by the individual being evaluated is encouraged. Ideally the reviewer will be provided with a full portfolio of the teaching materials of the course being reviewed: a statement of course objectives and philosophy, teaching materials/syllabus, and student evaluations before visiting a class. It is expected that the reviewer will visit at least one class. Constructive criticism is expected in most peer reviews.

Collegial evaluations serve two purposes.

  • One is to produce positive benefits for the individual faculty member and for the unit by identifying the individual's particular teaching contributions, by sharing teaching knowledge among colleagues, and by the improvement of teaching.

  • The second is to provide material for evaluation in reappointment, and promotion/tenure reviews.

All EPI 590 courses are reviewed annually or as offered.

The Department Chair selects faculty to review teaching courses that are similar to their research interest each quarter.

At each Curriculum Meeting the committee reviews the collected peer reviews and takes action as needed.

Helpful materials: