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Professional Leave

  • Sabbatical

According to the University Handbook Vol. 4, Part V, Chap. 4, Sec. 2.E: The purpose of professional leave with pay is to increase the scholarship and professional development of members of the faculty and thereby enhance their capacity for service to the University. Leave of this type from academic duties is a privilege granted normally to those of professorial rank to afford them the opportunity for study, investigation, and research.

The authority to grant leave rests with the Regents of the University upon recommendation by the President. The responsibility for reviewing the merits of the applications and the administrative feasibility of the leave shall be determined by the department chairpersons, deans, and the President in accordance with procedures established by the President.

A faculty member who wishes to take a professional leave should file the application at least nine months before the date on which the leave is to begin.

Sabbatical Requests for the 2010-2012: Applications should be submitted to the Department of Epidemiology Administration Office before January 1, 2011. This form needs to be approved and signed by Scott Davis, PhD, Dept. Chair and forwarded to Fred Connell, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. The School of Public Health is limited as to the number of sabbatical quarters allowed each year by the Provost’s Office.

Faculty Leave of Absence Applications can be found at the Academic Human Resources website or below in pdf format:

Faculty are eligible to use up to 90 calendar days of paid sick leave each academic year.  The faculty member must complete a sick leave request form and provide accompanying health care provider’s information.  Faculty sick leave is not accruable. Information at Academic Human Resources

Any woman who gives birth while holding a faculty appointment at the University of Washington is covered under the University's sick leave policy. She is eligible for up to 90 days leave with salary continued during that period for which she would normally be on the payroll. Sick leave coverage begins from the date of childbirth or from an earlier date if recommended by a health care provider. As with other medical leaves, the faculty member must present written certification from a health care provider that she cannot work as a result of the pregnancy, childbirth, and/or recovery. Paid sick leave is not available for adoptive mothers. Paid sick leave may be used for long term care of an ill child. Information at Academic Human Resources

  • Leaves – Application for Paid Professional Leave (.pdf)
  • Leaves – Application for Leave of Absence without Pay (.pdf

Last updated on October 6, 2010