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Senior Fellow and Senior Fellow Trainee Information

The following is a summary of the Department of Epidemiology’s hiring process for post-doctoral scholars (Senior Fellow and Senior Fellow Trainee). At the UW, these appointments must be pre-approved by the chair (or his or her designee), dean’s office, and Academic Human Resources.

Senior Fellows are considered junior faculty equivalent to Research Associate. The title Senior Fellow is intended to be an extension of professional training for someone who has recently received a terminal degree such as PhD or MD or both.

In order to assess whether the individual meets the position criteria, you must submit the following documents to Angelica Marie Buck BEFORE any formal offer is communicated to the applicant.  

Items Needed From the Proposed Post-Doctoral Scholar

  1. Post Doctoral Scholar Data Sheet
  2. CV (check that date of terminal degree (e.g. PhD/MD) was within the last 6 years)
  3. UW Conviction/Criminal History Form
  4. WA State Patrol Form
  5. Statement of Appointment Form (for NIH funded trainees)

Items Needed From the Sponsoring Faculty Member

  1. Template of offer letter (the offer letter should include the information indicated below).
    1. Appointment dates
    2. Proposed Salary Amount
    3. Proposed budgets supporting the position
    4. Paragraph describing the work they will be doing while in this position
    5. Signature of acknowledge and acceptance from the candidate

Please submit all documentation as soon as possible to Angelica Marie Buck.

If you plan to offer a senior fellow or senior fellow trainee appointment to an international scholar, Angelica can guide you with information regarding position approval, VISA paperwork, and related extensions or contact the International Scholars Office directly.

The offer letter is submitted to the senior fellow by the sponsoring faculty member and a copy is sent to the Angelica at ambuck@uw.edu. Subsequent salary distribution changes can be submitted directly the Epi’s payroll at epipays@uw.edu. It is recommended that all scholars who are not NIH funded trainees be reviewed annually by their PI for a potential merit increase.

Once the fellow has accepted the offer, the Department of Epidemiology Payroll Office will need the documentation indicated below. The fellow should visit the Epi payroll office before or on the first day of employment.

  1. Proof of eligibility to work in the US (for I-9 purposes), which may include a valid driver’s license or ID card, social security card, US passport or voter registration card.  See http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/i-9.pdf for more details on this requirement.
  2. Social Security card.  The UW must use the name and number as printed on this card and a University representative must visually review it.
  3. Bank account information, such as a canceled check or deposit slip.  If you choose, payments will be made to you by means of direct deposit to a bank or other financial institution that you specify.

If you have any questions regarding the appointment process or extensions, please contact Angelica at 543-6394 or ambuck@uw.edu

Questions on payroll procedures go to epipays@uw.edu


Updated on April 20, 2011