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The Department of Epidemiology welcomes the contributions of health care practitioners and researchers from throughout the local community and region who are willing to commit time and talent to assist in the Department’s teaching, research, practice, and service activities, and to promote collaboration between the academic and practice communities. All non-core faculty appointments are intended to recognize substantive commitment and contribution to the Department’s work, and are not granted simply to recognize an individual’s position or reputation.


Criteria for Appointment

Information regarding the tiles of non-core faculty may be found in the University of Washington Faculty Code website at http://www.washington.edu/faculty/facsenate/handbook/Volume2.html, Volume II - Section 24-34. “Qualifications for Appointment at Specific Ranks and Titles”.

An adjunct appointment is made only to a faculty member (including one in a research professorial rank) already holding a primary appointment in another department. This title recognizes the contributions of a member of the faculty to a secondary department. Adjunct appointments do not confer governance or voting privileges or eligibility for tenure in the secondary department. These appointments are annual; the question of their renewal shall be considered each year by the faculty of the secondary department.

An affiliate appointment requires qualifications comparable to those required for appointment to the corresponding rank. It recognizes the professional contribution of an individual whose principal employment responsibilities lie outside the colleges or schools of the University. Affiliate appointments are annual; the question of their renewal shall be considered each year by the faculty of the department in which they are held.

A clinical appointment in the appropriate rank is usually made to a person who holds a primary appointment with an outside agency or non-academic unit of the University, or who is in private practice. Clinical faculty make substantial contributions to University programs through their expertise, interest, and motivation to work with the faculty in preparing and assisting with the instruction of students in practicum settings. Clinical appointments are annual; the question of their renewal shall be considered each year by the faculty of the department in which they are held.

Requesting an Appointment

A faculty member sponsoring a candidate or an individual requesting a non-core appointment must submit a letter to the Department Chair describing the activities contemplated and reasons for desiring a non-core faculty appointment, along with a current CV and a letter of recommenation from a core epi faculty member. The request is reviewed by the Chair and presented to the faculty for discussion and vote.

Expectations of Adjunct, Affiliate and Clinical Faculty

To qualify for or maintain an adjunct, affiliate, or clinical appointment in the Department of Epidemiology, an individual is expected to participate in at least one, but preferably more of the following activities annually:

  1. Delivering a departmental seminar or giving quest lectures in classes.
  2. Identification of practicum opportunities, and/or supervision of student practica.
  3. Teaching or co-teaching formal or informal courses.
  4. Supervision of student research projects related or unrelated to the thesis or dissertation.
  5. Membership on student thesis or dissertation committees.
  6. Participation in departmental meetings and activities (e.g., student visit days and orientation, seminars, graduation and award ceremony, faculty meetings).

Non-core faculty are also encouraged to participate in University affairs, depending on individual interests and availability.

Re-appointment of Adjunct, Affiliate or Clinical Faculty

Adjunct, Affiliate and Clinical faculty appointments are renewed annually.  Faculty will be required to submit an updated CV and to fill out the on-line renewal form in September.  The Chair will review the renewal forms and determine whether his/her contributions and performance has been satisfactory. The Chair and a core faculty may be designated to review a specific faculty member and to present their renewal case at the next the faculty meeting if appropriate.  Before renewing an appointment, the Department Chair may seek a meeting with the faculty member. 

Renewal letters are mailed to faculty by early December and all reports are due to the School of Public Health, Dean’s Office by January 1.

An annual re-appointment for an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Epidemiology is contingent upon maintaining your primary appointment in your home department, and continued contributions to the Epidemiology Department through teaching, research or service activities.

Any questions can be addressed to Angelica Marie Buck at ambuck@u.washington.edu



Updated on May 19, 2010