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Graduate Student Appointments - Forms

Because of UNION REQUIREMENTS, you must use the offer letters below for ALL UW student RA/TA/SA/Tutor appointments, reappointments and extensions. Download and use the Word documents located at the end of this page. Do not use these forms for a position paid directly by FHCRC, etc.

PayratesHow to Make RA/TA/SA Offer
UAW/UW Union Contract

Deadlines for Offer Letters:

New Students April 1
Continuing Students June 1
Other times of the year 30 Days in Advance
Detailed Job Description (see below) 3 Weeks before Start Date

Pay Rates

UW RA/TA/SA Regular Pay Rates and Postition Titles for July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015

Hourly RA/SA/TA (Summer 2014 only) Pay Rates

Payroll Load Rates for 50% RA/TA/SA's and Trainees earning >= $800/mo

For Predoctoral Trainees: Pay rates per Training Grant Rules. Appoint as " Stipend Grad Trainee A" unless you will require work beyond classwork and the student's thesis or dissertation. If the student will be required to work beyond that, you must appoint the student as "Stipend Grad Trainee C," a union position.

For 50% RA/SA's: Your grant must pay resident operating fee portion of tuition.

Tuition Information:

Current Tuition Rates
Summer tuition rates available late June; Autumn rates available in August.
** MS & PhD students are listed under Public Health Graduate Programs.
** MPH students are listed under Master of Public Health at the link above.

UW/UAW Union Contract

  • Includes leave policies, conditions of employment, compensation, benefits, grievences, etc.
  • It has a clear table of contents and is searchable


  • Please contact: Matt Anderson, matta@uw.edu, 206-616-1767 or Kate O'Brien, 206-685-1762; epi@uw.edu;
  • For staff assignments and hourly positions, contact: DJ Miller, 206-685-1829; mrmiller@uw.edu and or Matt Anderson, 206-616-1767, matta@uw.edu

How to make an RA/TA/SA Offer



This page was last updated on August 29, 2014