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Anna Wald, MD, MPH, BA

Professor, Allergy and Infectious Dis. (primary department)
Professor, Epidemiology

Professor, , Laboratory Medicine
Member, Vaccine and Infectious Diseases Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Contact Information
University of Washington
Box 359928
325 9th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104
Tel: 206-520-4340
Fax: 206-520-4371

Research Interests
Current research centers on the epidemiology, natural history, and immunobiology of herpes simplex virus infection in immunocompetent and immunocompromised hosts. The goals of the studies are

  1. to characterize the biology and epidemiology of HSV acquisition and transmission;
  2. to investigate the immunopathology of mucosal and ganglionic HSV infection,
  3. to develop strategies for prevention of HSV transmission from women to neonates at birth and between sexual partners;
  4. to understand the biology of interactions between HIV and HSV-2.
Additional studies focus on the role of chronic viral infections, especially immunosenescence in healthy and immunocompromised host. Main collaborators include David Koelle, Michael Boeckh & Larry Corey; also collaborating with Corey Casper on studies of epidemiology and pathobiology of HHV-8 infection at Uganda Cancer Institute in Kampala, Uganda. Other interests include vaccine studies (influenza, HSV, CMV) and study design.

MPH, Epidemiology, University of Washington 1994
MD, Medicine, Mt Sinai School of Medicine 1985
BA, Comparative Religion, Wesleyan University 1979

Selected Publications
Zhu J, Peng T, JohnstonC, Phasouk K, Kask A, Klock A, Jin L, Diem K, Koelle DM, Wald A, Robins H, Corey L. Immune Containment by CD8αα Skin Resident T Cells in Human Herpesvirus Infection. Nature in press.

Wald A, Selke S, Magaret A, Boeckh. Impact of human cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection on immune response to pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine in healthy adults. J Med Virol in press.

Johnston C*, Saracino M, Kuntz S, Magaret A, Selke S, Huang ML, Schiffer JT, Koelle DM, Corey L, Wald A. Standard-dose and high-dose daily antiviral therapy for short episodes of genital HSV-2 reactivation: three randomised, open-label, cross-over trials. Lancet Epub2012 Jan 4. PMID:22225814.

Schiffer JT*, Wald A, Selke S, Corey L, Magaret A. The kinetics of mucosal herpes simplex virus-2 infection in humans: evidence for rapid viral-host interactions. J Infect Dis. 2011; 204:554-61. PMC3144170

Ross K, Johnston C, Wald A. HSV-2 Serologic Testing and Psychosocial Harm: a Systematic Review. Sex Trans Infect. 2011;87:594-600. Epub 2011 Sep 8. PMID 21903980

Wald A, Koelle DM, Fife K, Warren T, LeClair K, Chicz R, Monks S, Levey D, Musselli C, Srivastava PK. Safety and immunogenicity of long HSV-2 peptides complexed with hsp70 in HSV-2 seropositive persons. Vaccine. 2011; 29:8520-9. PMID:21945262.

Tronstein E, Johnston C, Huang ML, Selke S, Magaret A, Warren T, Corey L, Wald A. Genital Shedding of Herpes Simplex Virus Among Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Persons with HSV-2 Infection. JAMA in press.

Lingappa JR, Hughes JP, Wang RS, Baeten JM, Gray GE, Stevens W, Donnell D, Campbell M, Farquhar C, Essex M, Mullins J, Rees H, Corey L, Celum C, Wald A, for the Partners in Prevention HSV/HIV Transmission Study Team.Estimating the impact of HIV-1 plasma RNA reductions on heterosexual HIV-1 transmission risk. PLoS ONE. 2010. 5(9):e12598

The University of Washington Virology Research Clinic

In the news
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Last Reviewed on 4/22/2013

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