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Funding Information for Epidemiology Students

We strongly urge you to seek non-UW funding very early, as deadlines are usually a year in advance.

We do not guarantee funding with admission, including for admitted doctoral students.

It is critical that you review the following key points before clicking on the links below.


  • Send in your FAFSA Form right after January 1 and no later than February 15. The priority deadline for it to reach UW from the federal processor is February 28 of the year you wish to enter. Estimated income is acceptable so you do not need to wait for your W-2 form(s).
  • More Information on need-based aid
  • International students are not eligible for need-based financial aid.


  • Individual faculty members make their own decisions regarding student funding.
  • For PhD Students: PhD students who have relevant experience, are proactive, contact many faculty (possibly up to ~ 50) and are patient, are likely to find a research assistant (RA) position or other source of non-need based support by the first Autumn quarter (although not necessarily by April 15). You should seek UW funding right after admission (and not before).
  • For Master’s Students: It is rare for a newly admitted master’s student to find funding for his/her first year, especially funding that provides tuition support. Those master’s students who have been successful in the past generally have had prior public health or epidemiology work (especially analytic) experience, and beginning right after admission have put a very large amount of effort into contacting faculty following the directions very carefully at the “How to Select and Contact Faculty to Look for a Research Assistant (RA) or Fellowship Position” link below.
  • For PhD and Master’s students: A few students with high levels of knowledge and skill have sometimes found teaching assistant (TA) positions in other departments, such as Biology or Chemistry, etc. The good news is that students who perform well (generally ~3.7 GPA or higher), and who are proactive in contacting faculty during Winter and Spring Quarters of their 1st year, are often successful in finding funding for their 2nd year and beyond. (PhD students have greater opportunities than Master’s students.) By the end of the first year, if you have looked diligently and performed well, you will have acquired the skills that faculty need for RA positions. Also, you will meet faculty and students who can advise you how to locate funding.
  • Although most training grants or fellowships favor advanced PhD students or postdocs, it may be worth your while to check the webpages or with the individual program directors under the “Fellowships” link below.

Need-based Financial Aid (International students ineligible)
Types of Funding Available
How to Select and Contact Faculty to Look for a Research Assistant (RA) or Fellowship Position
Benefits Information for RAs and TAs at the UW
International Students
Tuition and Residency Information
Faculty/Staff partial tuition exemption
Accepting a Funding Offer

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Updated February 5, 2014