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Fellowship Information

  • Most UW fellowships go to postdocs or advanced PhD students, but it could be worthwhile for prospective master's and doctoral students to check into fellowships that are available. Many fellowships have deadlines before the degree application deadline, but not all.
    • Create a list of key words about your areas of interest, professional goals, work & educational background and personal attributes to use in searching databases.
    • School of Public Health Fellowship Lists:
      With near deadlines or general list.
    • Fellowship & Assistantship Division of the UW Graduate School:
    • Grants & Funding Information Service (GFIS)
    • Some of the materials are only open to applicants who have accepted an admission offer through the application system and have set up a UW NetID. Workshops and individual assistance available on-site only.
    • Diversity Fellowships
      • See the Diversity Fellowships section of the Fellowships Open to Epidemiology Students and Postdocs above.
      • Sometimes fellowship directors or grant PI's are willing to apply for minority supplements through the NIH, although this is more common once students have completed their 1st year in the program.
      • Minority students selected for the few UW Diversity Fellowships or a GOP (if awarded to Epidemiology) are notified by the Department or the UW Graduate School. It is not possible to apply individually for UW diversity awards. See GFIS above for other opportunities.
    • Fastweb is a computerized email notification service based on your profile. It is particularly good for smaller scholarships.

Types of Funding Available
How to Select and Contact Faculty to Look for a Research Assistant (RA) Position
Benefits Information for RAs and TAs at the UW
International Students
Accepting a Funding Offer

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Updated on January 21, 2014