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Types of Funding Available for UW Epidemiology Students

Research Assistant (RA) Positions
How to Select and Contact Faculty to Look for an RA
Benefits Information for RAs and TAs at the UW

Teaching Assistant (TA) Positions
Teaching Assistant positions in Epidemiology are NOT open to first year students in most cases. Most TA positions are for only one quarter at a time, and many are only 10 housrs/week. Sometimes students have found a TA position, for which they are qualified, in another department at the UW; such as biology or chemistry.

  • To be eligible to TA our one undergraduate class, TA’s must have completed UW courses EPI 512-513+, and be 2nd year students.
  • Usually TA’s must have performed well in the graduate class they wish to TA.
  • If you have the skills, you may apply to TA in another department. Contact the applicable student services office for the appropriate program. Find the email from the program's website. You may have to contact several people to reach the correct one. See the Office Directory

Fellowship Information

Grants and Funding Information Service (GFIS)
  • GFIS Blog
  • You must have a UW NetID to use this service, which means you must officially accept admission to the UW by logging back into your application.
  • Payment of the enrollment deposit is not required.
  • Workshops and individual assistance available on-site only.

Need-Based Aid – Start Now to Apply
The UW Student Financial Aid Office is the central campus office that offers need-based loans & grants. (Grants are rarely available for graduate students except in a few instances for Washington residents.) International students are not eligible for need-based aid.   

  • Email: osfa@uw.edu 
  • Submit your FAFSA Form to the federal processor no later than February 15
  • Remember, if you qualify for a low-interest loan, but decide that you do not need it, you do not have to accept it.

International Students
Tuition and Residency Information
Accepting a Funding Offer

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Updated January 22, 2014