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Funding for International Students

  • Look for funding outside the University of Washington immediately!
    • Some appropriate links are listed under Fellowships and below.
  • The University of Washington requires evidence of sufficient funds in order for International Students to be admitted.  Funds required for 2013-14:
    • Registration for Academic Year Only: about $50,000  Summer quarter registration is not necessary due to very few summer classes. Students usually do their practica and work on their theses in the summer.
It is very difficult for an international student to find funding for the first year, especially if s/he cannot visit the Department to meet faculty. 

  • An international student who lives outside North America and does not have significant personal or outside funding will find it difficult to enroll.
  • Essentially no fellowships or traineeships offered through the Department are open to international students. RA positions are possible, but rarely available without a research based public health-related MS or MPH.
  • International students are not eligible for need-based aid or for resident tuition rates.
  • If you are able to, provide documentation of adequate funds, qualify for a visa using personal funds, and look for an RA or TA. (1st year students not hired as EPI TA's).
  • Some international students with strong biology backgrounds have found TA positions in Biology.

Links to Possible International Student Non-UW Fellowships - Consult the websites below a year or more in advance of enrollment, if possible.

Types of Funding Available
How to Select and Contact Faculty to Look for a Research Assistant (RA) Position
Benefits Information for RAs and TAs at the UW
Tuition and Residency Information
Accepting a Funding Offer

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This page was last updated on January 22, 2014