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Benefits for RAs and TAs at the UW

RA/TA/SAs who work 20 hours/week for a quarter and are paid through UW receive the benefits below for each applicable quarter:

  • The non-resident portion of tuition is waived. The resident portion of the tuition is paid by the student’s faculty supervisor, and the student pays approximately $500/quarter in student fees.
  • Medical, dental & vision insurance are provided free.
  • Monthly salary for 20 hrs/week in 2013-14 as follows:
    • Master's Student: $1,678/month
    • PhD Student: $1,803/month
    • PhD Canidate: $1,937/month
  • Students hired as RA's at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (FHCRC) qualify for the same benefits with a "staff assignment" to be paid through UW.
  • Small raises sometimes apply.  PhD Candidates get a raise the quarter after passing the Oral General Exam.
  • This salary is enough for one person to live in shared housing.
  • Two RA/TA/SA appointments that total 20 hours/week for a quarter receive the benefits above.
  • A < 20 hrs/wk RA from FHCRC or other non-UW institution and a < 20 hrs/wk RA/TA from UW do not provide benefits.
  • RA/TA/SA's whose total appointments for a quarter are less than 20 hours/week and who do not hold a fellowship providing insurance and at least partial tuition support do not receive benefits, but are paid a somewhat higher base salary prorated for the hours/week of the appointment.

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This page was last updated on January 6, 2014