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            Requirements for Washington Resident Tuition

Critical Information for Prospective Students already Living in Washington

If you have lived in WA for less than 12 months when you applied for admission, but will have lived and worked here for a year by the start of your first quarter, then you must apply for resident tuition classification about 2 months in advance of your first quarter; or you will be charged noon-resident tuition.

Steps Required 11 Months before Resident Tuition

  • You must complete/have completed ALL of the required steps below no later than 11 months before you hope to qualify for resident tuition you will be charged non-resident tuition. Do not skip any of the requirements.
  • A first-year UW employee may be granted a waiver of the non-resident differential (NRD) tuition during his/her first 12 months of UW employment ONLY, whether registered or not.
  • Even if you have a graduate student appointment that provides an NRD waiver through a 20hour/week RA/TA/SA or fellowship currently, there may be quarters when you do not have a qualifying appointment.
  • Required Steps:
    • Washington State Driver's License:
      There are a number of original documents that you must provide. Read the above website first.
    • Washington Car Insurance:
      • Information on State Insurance Commissioner's website
      • May not be purchased by an out-of-state relative
    • Washington State License Plates: http://www.dol.wa.gov/vehicleregistration/licenseplates.html
    • Washington State Bank Account
      A national bank must have a Washington State address as your primary address and be a local branch, if available.
    • Washington State Voter Registration (for U.S. citizens only):
    • Additional tips
      • Save proof of volunteer work hours.
      • Save rent receipts, pay stubs, utility bills, proof of date of Washington state bank account establishment, daycare receipts, etc.
      • Purchasing property can also help you qualify for residency.
    • If you are late in taking care of any of the above items, you will have to pay resident tuition in your 2nd year in Washington State.

Eligibility for Resident Tuition

  • International students on F and J visas are ineligible.
  • You must work at least 20 hour/week at UW or you (or your spouse) work 30 hours/week off campus for 12 consecutive months to qualify you for resident tuition classification if all other requirements were completed on time.
    • The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (FHCRC) can appoint a non-resident graduate student with a 20hr/wk RA through UW if the student is a non-Washington resident so the work will count toward residency.
    • Most pre- and postdoctoral fellowships are considered 100% unless otherwise stated by the hiring unit. (Small stipends, such as $500/mo fellowships/stipends, do not count toward resident classification.)
    • Vacations outside the state are counted against the calendar year.
    • Student hourly and work-study are capped at 19 hrs/week. Twenty hour/week as a temporary, hourly staff member is possible, but it provides no benefits.
  • Certain regional Native Americans, refugees/asylees, work visas holders, non-citizens, and active-duty U.S. military and veteras may be eligible for resident tuition. See Washington State Residency.
  • The Graduate Student Waiver listed on above website no Longer applies to entering students.


  • You must apply for residency 2 months prior to the start of your first eligible quarter or you could end up paying non-resident tuition while your application is considered.
  • The application is complex and requires significant documentation so plan ahead.
  • Form and additional information


  • Email resquest@uw.edu or call 206-543-5932.
  • Sometimes a student must visit the Resident Classification Office in person at 264 Schmitz Hall to receive an answer to a question. See Campus Map with building finder.
  • The Epidemiology Department is not allowed to answer complex or detailed questions.

This page was last updated on June 27, 2014