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Graduate Appointee Insurance Plan (GAIP)

GAIP is for graduate students who also hold certain types of graduate student positions at the University of Washington. More information can be found at the GAIP website.


  • RA/TA/SA's who work at least 20 hrs/wk for a quarter or Predoctoral Trainees who earn at least $800/month for a quarter are eligible for that quarter.
  • A student who has UW-paid GAIP for Autumn through Spring Quarters will receive free GAIP during the following Summer even if he or she has no appointment or is not registered. However, if a student has GAIP Insurance, but is not registered in the Summer, higher Hall Health fees will apply.
  • During eligible quarters, a student must be registered for at least 10 credits/quarter during the academic year and for at least 2 credits in Summer by the 7th calendar day of the quarter. (Prior to the beginning of the quarter is preferable so your name is forwarded to the insurance company in the first electronic mailing.)


  • Medical, dental and vision benefits.
  • The premiums for dependents have already been subsidized by the UW.
  • Higher deductibles apply outside of Hall Health.
  • A self-pay option is also available for a full-time student (10 credits/quarter during the academic year and 2 credits in Summer) with an equivalent position not paid through UW if he or she enrolls and pays the premiums for his/her first eligible quarter during the plan year (Autumn through Summer).
  • To take advantage of this option a student must profide his or her type of position, hours/week, pay/month, employer, name as listed by UW, home address, phone, email, student number and social security number to epi@uw.edu before the quarter starts. Students working at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center must contact FHCRC GAIP coordinator instead.
  • Self-pay GAIP is also available for students who have had one quarter of UW-paid GAIP, but then lose eligibility and select self-pay for the quarter immediately following the eligible quarter. Self-pay eligibility ends at the end of the plan year (9/30).


If you are eligible, be sure to check the enrollment deadlines, which are usually 30 days past the coverage start date. (Before the quarter starts is preferable so your name is sent with the first electronic mailing to the insurance company.) If you miss the deadline, if employment paperwork from you or from your faculty supervisor is received after the quarter starts, or if you are not registered as required above by the 7th day of quarter, your insurance will not start until the 1st day of the 2nd month of eligibility (or later). Enroll at https://www.wpas-inc.com/uwgradenrollment


The insurance coverage does not begin on the first day of the quarter even if your appointment begins earlier. The coverage start dates are:

  • Autumn Quarter--October 1 - December 31
  • Winter Quarter--January 1 - March 31
  • Spring Quarter--April 1 - June 30
  • Summer Quarter--July 1 - September 30

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This page was last updated on May 24, 2011