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Health Insurance Requirement

All students must sign and return the Immunization and Health Insurance Status Agreement (coming soon) at the Epidemiology Orientation.

We strongly encourage all students to have health and disability insurance to cover basic health care costs for illness and hospitalization. While we are not in a position to offer advice on particular insurance policies or the specifics of health insurance benefits, we do want to emphasize to all students how important this decision is.

International Students must sign up for the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) to register. If an international student has other UW insurance, such as GAIP or Faculty/Staff Insurance, he or she must notify epi@uw.edu before each quarter so SHIP can be waived. (see below.)

Types of Insurance Available to Students

  • Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP): For Students who do not qualify for GAIP. We recommend SHIP Plus.
  • Graduate Appointee Insurance Plan (GAIP): RA/TA/SAs (who work at least 20 hrs/wk for a qtr) and Trainees who earn at least $800/month for a quarter are provided Graduate Appointee Insurance during that quarter if they are registered full time (2 credits in summer). It provides medical, dental and vision coverage.
  • Faculty/Staff Insurance and Investment Plan: Postdoctoral Fellows and half-time, permanent, professional and classified staff are eligible for faculty/staff insurance, including medical, dental, vision, life, self-pay disability insurance, the Voluntary Investment Plan and possibly a retirement plan.
  • Individual Private Insurance: Review the Washington Health Insurance Exchange. Short term individual private health insurance for international travel also available from Assurant Health.

Workers Comp

Neither GAIP nor Student Insurance will pay for treatment covered by Workman's Compensation (also known as "L&I"). Insurance payments will only be made after the L&I review. L&I pays for post-exposure prophylaxis treatment for research assistants (not for trainees or fellows) only if the employee sero-converts. Actual reimbursement can take months to years.

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This page was last updated on October 21, 2013