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Required Orientations 2014


Epidemiology Department Orientation - Pre-register here (not available yet)
Required for all New Spring, Summer, and Autumn 2014 students (including postdocs)
  • Date: Thursday, September 18, 2014
  • Time: 1pm - 5pm
  • Location: Health Sciences T733: Use elevator in northwest section of building. (The elevator near Epideimiology does not go to the 7th floor.)

  • Optional tour: TBD, Meet at the Epi Student Computer Lab in Health Sciences F349 to go on a tour for new Epi students.

SPH Orientation - Click here for more info (not available yet)

Required for all New Spring, Summer, and Autumn 2014 students (except clinicians with clinic at same time)

SPH Orientation Service Day (link not updated yet)

Required for new students to meet other students and give to the community. Only clinicians with clinic at the same time exempted.

Mandatory Safety Training - Pre-Register here (not available yet)

Arrive early in order to check in, except Lab Safety.

  • BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS TRAINING: (Required for all MPH students including clinicians, AND for all students who will work with biospecimens or patients as part of their Epi studies): Offered Monday 9/22 at 2:30-3:45pm. (Also available online, but in person strongly recommended. See http://www.ehs.washington.edu/psotrain/index.shtm)
  • LABORATORY SAFETY TRAINING (Required for all students who will work in a lab): offered twice: Monday 9/22 and Tuesday 9/23 at 8:30-9:20am
  • BIOSAFETY TRAINING (Required if working with biospecimens): offered Monday 9/22 at 1:00-2:15pm.
  • FIRE EXTINGUISHER TRAINING (Required if there are Bunsen burners in your lab): Offered 6 times: Monday 9/22 and Thursday 9/23 at 9:30, 10:30, and 11:30.
  • You will need your UWNetID, UW email address, UW Student or Employee ID #, Department Name (Epidemiology), Department Box # (357236), Name of Department Contact (Kate O'Brien), Email of Department Contact (epi@uw.edu) and Department phone (206-685-1762).
  • You must bring your Husky Card to the training.

Location of training sessions: Physics/Astronomy Auditorium (PAB), A-102 Go to the southern auditorium side of the courtyard (Fire Extinguisher Training in A110.

Graduate Research Assistant (TA/RA) Conference - Pre-Register here

Pre-Registration deadline August 3, 2014

Required for all new RA's and TA's, recommended for potential RA's and TA's

  • Two days of workshops on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 16 and 17
  • International TA's must attend ITA Monday, September 15.
  • Bring your Husky ID Card to the conference

Stata Training Workshops - Pre-Register here (not available yet)

  • Very important to attend if you don't know Stata.
  • A 2 session series
  • September 15 and September 18, 9am-12:00pm
  • Register at (not available yet)
  • Health Sciences Library labs A and B.

TB Test Clinics: October 6 and return October 8

Required for all new students except practicing clinicians whose immunizations are monitored by a U.S. or Canadian health organization and who must provide documentation of compliance to Epidemiology directly no later than July 25th. Required for all non-practicing clinicians including foreign, non-local and research-only fellows.
  • First Clinic is on Monday October 6, with appointments between 12:00pm and 3:00pm. You will need to return for your test to be read on Wednesday October 8 between 12:00pm and 3:00pm.
  • Obtain immunizations, complete form, and send to myshots@uw.edu immediately
  • Requirements and Form (for non-clinicians and non-practicing clinicians only)
  • Location: South Campus Center, Room 220C/D
  • Make an appointment here

International Students Orientation

Strongly recommended for students who have not earned a degree in the US
  • Greeting Table: September 8-12, 2014 10am-1pm, Attendance Required.
  • Opening Day: September 10, 2014, 1:00pm, Meany Hall
  • Events from September 8 - 19, 2014
  • International students without US degree are charged for this program regardless of attendance.


Global Health Certificates Information Session

Strongly recommended for students interested in Global Health.
  • Date and Time TBD
  • D209 Health Sciences (possibly subject to change)
  • Go to the 2nd floor of the F-wing.
  • Go to southern main hall.
  • Turn left (east) in hall.
  • Pass court cafe.
  • Continue to Turner Auditorium on right (north).
Upcoming Social Events:
  • Epi Students Welcome Event: TBA
  • First Epi Student Happy Hour of the year: TBA
  • Autumn Epi Student Picnic: TBA
  • Epi Department Welcome Barbeque
    for all Epi faculty, students, and staff
    Date TBD, noon in the Health Sciences G-courtyard, just west of the F-wing. (Epi Department-hosted)
    RSVP to epievent@uw.edu with your choice of hamburger, veggie burger, or hotdog.
    Feel free to bring a side dish or salad (not lettuce) to share if you wish.
  • Epidemiology Student Happy Hours: Usually every 2 weeks during the academic year. (Epi student-hosted)
  • UW Epi student-hosted social events: For updates on UW Epi Social events and contact info, join the UW Epi Social group on Facebook! (This page is not sponsored by the Epidemiology Department, and opinions/events are not endorsed by the Department.)

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This page was last updated on July 8, 2014