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Admissions Decisions
Enrolling in the Department
& Obtaining a Visa


  • Epidemiology does not use rolling admissions.
  • You will receive an e-mail by March 1 informing you of the decision, along with important information.
  • Postdoctoral decisions are usually made last.
  • Make sure your junk mail filter will accept email from epi@uw.edu or from "Epidemiology Application".
  • If you need a more formal admission letter, contact epi@uw.edu with your full name, the email to which the letter should be sent as a pdf attachment and the postal mailing address.
    • Allow at least 3 weeks lead time.
    • We cannot send the letter by express courier.


  • First email epi@uw.edu and the appropriate faculty member if you are accepting a funding offer.
  • Log back into your application to accept officially.
  • Make note of your student number and do not lose it.
  • Enrollment requires two more steps:
    • Pay the $250 USD Enrollment Tuition Deposit to the address below by mail only.
      • The $250 is non-refundable if you do not register for the quarter to which you were admitted, except for extenuating circumstances beyond your control, such as illness, pregnancy, etc.
      • If you are considering changing entry quarters or deferring, do NOT pay the deposit until you decide. See Changing Entry Quarter and Deferral Policy.
      • DO NOT send the deposit to the Graduate School or to Epidemiology.
      • Send a check with the following information on the memo line:
        • Your name, student number, tuition deposit.
        • If you do not know your student number, log back into your application.
        • Send check or money order in U.S. dollars made out to the University of Washington to:
          Registrar's Processing Center
          Box 355850
          249 Schmitz Hall
          University of Washington
          Seattle, WA 98195
        • You MAY NOT pay by debit or credit
      • The deposit will be credited toward tuition or other student fees, such as a bus pass.
      • Students will not be able to register until UW has received this deposit.
      • A current UW employee who indicated on his/her application form that he/she plans to use the faculty/staff partial tuition exemption will not be required to pay the enrollment deposit.
      • If your full tuition is paid by a fellowship, you may get the deposit back after your first quarter tuition and fees have been paid in full.

  • Official Degree Transcript Required by Graduate School:
    • You will be required to have an official transcript showing conferral of your degree sent to the Graduate School directly by your institution.
    • Do not have the transcript sent until you receive instructions on your application's status page after you are offered admission.
    • The Graduate School will not accept a transcript forwarded by you or by Epidemiology even if it is in an unopened sealed envelope.
    • Your Graduate School Admission Information will inform you which transcript is required if you hold multiple degrees.
    • Do not order the transcript until you have completed the degree officially and it shows on your transcript.
    • An international student will be required to have a diploma copy attested by the institution which conferred the degree, or the appropriate officer of the applicable consulate or embassy, if the exact degree title and exact date of conferral are not listed on the transcript.
    • More information


  • No visa certificate (I-20 or DS-2019) will be issued until Graduate Admissions receives your Financial Ability Statement with the required signatures and additional required documentation showing that you have adequate funding.
    • See Financial Ability Requirement
    • Log back into your application to obtain the Financial Ability form.
    • You need only show funding for an academic year, not 12 months.

  • Graduate Admissions must have received your TOEFL score directly from ETS (or IELTS or PTE, as applicable).

  • Visa paperwork will NOT be issued until UW Registration Office receives your Enrollment Tuition Deposit of $250.
    • See above for the procedure to pay.
    • UW will provide a DS-2019 form for a J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa only if you are funded by a national government.
    • If you are funded by a university, you may petition epi@uw.edu for a J-1 visa. The UW International Student Services Office will decide whether to issue a DS-2019.
    • A DS-2019 form will not be provided if you have a privately-funded fellowship.

  • Other US universities have different visa rules; please do not ask for an exception to the UW rules as it will not be granted.
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This page was last updated on February 7, 2014