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Skills Needed for Biostatistics Coursework

The statistics courses you will take as a part of your degree program in Epidemiology require fundamental knowledge of mathematical notation, algebra, functions and manipulation of expressions with exponents and logarithms. An introductory knowledge of statistics and Stata, the statistical software most often used in UW Biostatistics courses, is strongly advised, especially if you plan to take the more concentrated course sequence (BIOST 517-518).

We offer an algebra self test, which you should take on your own as soon as possible if it has been some years since you used math in your job or education, or if you have any concerns about your math skills or knowledge. See the answer key to check your work. If you feel you do not know the material well or have difficulty with more than 1-2 questions, we strongly recommmend that you review those areas in which you are weak.

Algebra Review Materials
Statistics and Stata Tutorials

Feel free to use other texts or review materials if you prefer. If you have questions, contact epi@uw.edu.

This page was last updated on June 27, 2014