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How to Arrange a Visit to the Epidemiology Department

(For Prospective Students)

We welcome your interest in our graduate programs, and look forward to meeting you on campus.

Visit DaysLogistical Information
Alternatives to Visit DaysCancellation
Applicants not yet AdmittedBefore Departure
How to Arrange your Visit


  • For admitted applicants only, Visit Days are scheduled each spring.
  • Thursday, March 5, and Friday, March 6, 2015.
  • Begin to contact faculty about Visit Day meetings as soon as you are admitted (see below for procedure). An organized program will be held on March 6 until 1:30 pm so try to avoid that morning and early afternoon.
  • For more information see Admitted Student Visit Days. For questions, contact epi@uw.edu.


  • If you cannot attend Visit Days, see alternative below or arrange an individual visit.
  • Graduate Opportunity-Minority Achievement Program (GO-MAP) Visit Events on April 2 & April 3.
    • Some students, especially from, but not limited to, minority ethnic groups may wish attend the GO-MAP Visit Days. It may include faculty, student, and staff meetings, as available.
    • See http://www.grad.washington.edu/gomap/psd.


  • A personal interview is not required in the admission process.
  • An applicant does not need to locate a faculty mentor prior to admission or enrollment, but should discuss 2~4 faculty members whom s/he might like to have as a chair and why, based on interests. (This is not a commitment on anyone's part.)
    • Prior to admission, concentrate on the core and adjunct faculty because they (for the most part) can chair thesis and dissertation committees.
  • Applicants without a doctorate are not considered for RA positions prior to admission.
    • Applicants should wait to contact faculty about funding until after admission.
  • Postdocs should start looking for a fellowship immediately because deadlines are often a year or more in advance.
  • See below to arrange a visit.


  • Visiting is important for admitted students who have not been offered funding.
  • Research the faculty.

  • Contact the EPI Program Office.
    Next, contact epi@uw.edu with your list of faculty. Please allow three weeks if at all possible. We will review your list and edit it, if applicable. Start contacting faculty in the mean time. We will also provide you with a current student email address, if you are not attending visit days, so you can set up a meeting or contact them.
  • How to Contact Faculty
    • Prepare a professional email template(s) of no more than two paragraphs briefly describing your qualifications and interests.
    • Attach your resume or CV.
    • Include all of the following information:
      • Official name
      • Your telephone numbers (all of them) and your email address
      • Degree(s) for which you are applying (or are interested in) and whether you have been admitted
      • Dates you will be in Seattle
        • Specific dates and times you are available for meetings
        • Allow at least 2.5 hours between the airport and a meeting.
      • Allow one hour between meetings at different locations.
      • Your contact information in Seattle: cell number and/or hotel phone number
      • When & where you can be reached just before leaving for Seattle
      • Whether you will use a car while in Seattle
    • Be persistent; faculty travel a lot, especially those with international interests. If you do not hear back in a week, try calling. If you still cannot reach the faculty member, try again in about 2 weeks. A number of faculty members may not be available.
    • Epidemiology faculty members often have offices in more than one location, including off campus, so check with the faculty member and the Faculty Directory above for the specific location. Travelling between locations can be confusing. See the "Before You Depart" section of these instructions.


  • Accommodations - Hotels and motels near the campus. If you would like accommodation with a student host, let us know at least a week in advance (much sooner for visit days). Student hosts can only accommodate one person, traveling alone, for a maximum of 2 nights. Availability is not guaranteed, especially for 2 nights, but we will try.
  • Transportation - See the "Visiting the Department" page at http://depts.washington.edu/epidem/adm/visiting.shtml. You will need to know when and where to catch appropriate shuttles or buses. Shuttles run on time or even early, but Metro buses are often a little late.
  • Parking on the UW Campus - See Directions to the Department: http://depts.washington.edu/epidem/EpiDirect.shtml (costs $15 and requires considerable walking).
  • This page was last updated on February 20, 2015