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Visit Days for Admitted Prospective Students

March 6-7, 2014

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Transportation/AccommodationsFaculty Locations/Parking
Visit Day Program

Congratulations on your admission to our graduate program. We hope you will join us for EPI Visit Days. An important part of the visit days is a chance for you to meet with faculty members about their research. Start contacting faculty now to schedule your appointments. Some faculty schedules fill quickly.


  • Register using the online registration form.
  • Cannot Attend Epidemiology Visit Days:
    See "Individual Visit" to arrange a visit at another time. We need 3 weeks lead time, if at all possible.
    • Alternate Graduate School Visit Days February 20 or April 3, 2014.
    • Open to all admitted graduate students.
    • No formal Epidemiology program on February 20 or April 3.
    • April 3 includes SPH Luncheon.
    • Both dates include GOMAP program/reception
    • Contact julie19@uw.edu for reservations.

Transportation and Accommodations

  • Transportation: Visitors are responsible for making their own transportation arrangements. We have very limited travel funds for only a very few students due to budget cuts. Purchase the best airfare now! We will let you know if we can provide partial airfare support.
  • Hosts: A limited number of accommodations with student (or faculty) hosts will be available for those traveling alone - if you are interested, please indicate in your registration.
  • Other Visitor Accommodations near the University
  • Directions and Maps:
    Our faculty are located around Seattle.
    • Consult maps, bus and shuttle schedules when making appointments.
    • Print and bring with you. GPS alone will NOT get you to the correct locations on time.

Visit Day Program

Schedule Faculty Meetings Now! - Very Important

A student seeking funding or wishing to meet faculty individually should schedule meetings with appropriate faculty members as soon as he or she is admitted. Our faculty select their own RA's and fellows. (TA positions in Epidemiology are limited to 2nd year students.) Contacting many (and meeting several) faculty is a critical step toward locating funding.

  • Procedure for Contacting Faculty
    • During Visit Days, faculty often run out of meeting times that fit your or their schedules, so start now.
    • Schedule meetings anytime that is convenient for the faculty member - (even during the program hours of 9am - 1:00pm on March 7, if that is your only option).
    • If you have difficulty reaching a faculty member, call him/her directly. Contact the Epi Program Office at epiapply@uw.edu or 206-685-1762 if you still have difficulty.

  • Locating appropriate faculty
    • Read How to Select and Contact Faculty - Critical Step
    • Check the Research Areas for names of faculty with appropriate research interests.
    • Epidemiology Faculty Directory is located on the left hand menu bar. Click on appropriate faculty names for more information and look them up on PubMed.
    • Contact faculty outside the Department - see How to Select. (Many students work with faculty/investigators from outside the Department.)
    • You may send epiapply@uw.edu a draft list of faculty contacts for us to review for appropriateness and suggest other faculty, if applicable.
      • Be sure to email us your interests and attach a CV.
      • We need a few days to get back to you, so start contacting faculty in the meantime.
      • PhD students are given priority for review of faculty lists.

Faculty Locations, Maps, Buses and Parking

  • Faculty Research Offices Located around Seattle
    • Be sure you know the meeting location because many faculty have two offices.
    • Visiting the Department on the Epidemiology website has directions to most off-campus sites. (For other sites ask the faculty member or epiapply@uw.edu.)
    • Allow at least an hour for transportation between meetings at different locations.
    • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center ("Hutch/FHCRC") faculty often refer to it as "the campus", but it is not at the UW.
    • Keep in mind appropriate shuttle/bus times and stops when scheduling meetings.
    • Between certain meetings you may have to take a taxi.
    • Print out the maps, directions and bus schedules to the sites you will visit, and bring them with you. Getting around can be confusing.

  • Parking
    • Parking on campus is limited and expensive ($15). Walk, or take a bus or shuttlebus, if possible.
    • No visitor parking is allowed near health sciences. You will have to park in E-12 by the stadium (or in meter parking on Boat Street if your total parking time will be less than 2 hours for ~$3.00/hour with credit or debit card.)

    This page was last updated on January 23, 2014