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The Department of Epidemiology is under the School of Public Health

Other departments in the School of Public Health are:

Biostatistics -- Biostatistics blends theoretical mathematics and applied data analysis in modern medical research. Biostatisticians work with researchers in higher education, research organizations, industry, and government agencies to design medical research studies and to collect and analyze data. The Department offers MPH, MS, and PhD degrees in quantitative methods applied to the medical and biological sciences.

Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences -- The focus of environmental and occupational health is to identify factors in community and work environments that affect human health, to analyze and explain their mechanisms, assess and communicate their risks, develop strategies to reduce or eliminate their effects, and share the knowledge obtained. MPH, MS, and PhD degrees are offered in occupational and environmental medicine, toxicology, environmental health technology, and industrial hygiene and safety. In addition, there is a BS degree program and a minor in environmental health.

Global Health -- Global Health focuses on identification and evaluation of health problems and health inequities in underserved populations and development and implementation of innovative interventions that can dramatically reduce disease burden. Programs in the Department of Global Health provide a rich educational resource, promote and support interdisciplinary research programs that address global health disparities, and provide opportunities to translate educational and research programs into improving the health of underserved populations through service activities in developing countries.

Health Services -- Health Services focuses on the organization, financing, and effectiveness of health care and public health, emphasizing how societal resources are used to respond to individual and population health needs. Students are prepared for careers in the planning, management, and evaluation of health care and public health programs and organizations, and in health policy. The MPH degree is offered through an in-residence program and an on-job/on-campus program for working public health professionals; the MHA degree is offered through an in-residence program and an evening/weekend executive program for clinical practitioners. A PhD in Health Services, a BA degree in Health Information Administration, and a public health minor are also offered.

Interdisciplinary Programs:
Multidisciplinary Programs: