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Clinical Research Track for the MS in Epidemiology (CR)

The Clinical Research Track in Epidemiology is chiefly intended for professionals who have already completed clinical training and who plan to conduct research with patients in health care settings as a significant part of their future career.  Examples of clinical research include clinical trials on the effectiveness and safety of new treatments, studies of new tools for diagnosis or for monitoring disease course, and studies of factors that influence the outcome of illness. 

The track builds on the MS degree in Epidemiology, adding course requirements relevant to clinical research.  Most of the additional required courses replace elective courses that would otherwise be required for the MS. Thus, the total number of classes is approximately the same as for the MS.  Like the general MS in Epidemiology, the time required to complete the clinical research track is normally two years.

The additional required courses for the MS Clinical Research Track are:

BIOST 517, 518

Applied Biostatistics I, II (BIOST 511-513 may be substituted)

 8 Credits

EPI 573

Methods and Issues in Using Biological Measurements in Epidemiologic Research (Counts as EPI elective, but not Disease/Exposure elective)

 3 Credits

EPI 542

Clinical Epidemiology (Counts as SPH elective)

 2 Credits


Design of Medical Studies (Counts as SPH elective)

 3 Credits

EPI Elective

One Disease/Exposure elective of at least 2 credits. See MS Clinical Research Requirements Checklist for a list of acceptable electives

 2-4 Credits

And one of the following:


Biomedical Research Integrity (BRI) Lecture Series (Proof of attendance required for 3 lectures and 3 discussion sections or other combination thereof) offered each late spring and summer. Register early May to guarantee a place.  Registration Information:  http://depts.washington.edu/uwbri


BH 536
(Formerly MHE 536)

Research Ethics and Regulation (Not offered every year)

 3 Credits

The Clinical Research Track is not available in the Epidemiology MPH program.  

Admission to the Track in Clinical Research

  • New applicants apply for the MS degree in Epidemiology, Clinical Research Track.  Return to the EPI Admissions Information Page.
  • Current MS students in Epidemiology must declare their intent to pursue the track by contacting the EPI Program Office, no later than the quarter prior to graduation.  Email epi@uw.edu.

MS Clinical Research Requirements Checklist

Requirements and information subject to change without notice.

This page was last updated on October 21, 2013