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Application to Epidemiology
Another UW Graduate or Professional Degree Program
and Concurrent Degree Application

Students who are currently in a graduate or professional degree program in another department at the University of Washington, and who wish to transfer to, or earn a concurrent degree in, the Epidemiology Department, must re-apply through the Graduate Admissions application system following the directions below.



Students May Start Only in Autumn or Possibly Summer Quarter
Entry in Spring Quarter may be possible only if you are a postdoctoral fellow at UWMC or a related teaching hospital, and have already completed both EPI 510, 512-13 and BIOST 511-12 or BIOST 517-8. If you meet these criteria, you may petition for entry in Spring Quarter.  The petition should include the reasons for entering Spring Quarter and be addressed to the Admissions Committee. It should be sent to epi@uw.edu. The result will depend on the reasons and room in the program. Winter Quarter entry is not allowed. Summer Quarter has almost no classes for new students, but students who have only one year to complete an master's degree should finalize their thesis topic and MPH students should conduct their practicum. MD/MPH and MCB PhD/MS students see appropriate section/webpage.

Sometimes a concurrent applicant is more competitive when he or she has been in the other UW program for a year because it allows time to possibly take a few public health classes, consider the area of interest within the epidemiology field, contact Epidemiology faculty members and discuss 2-4 faculty members with whom a student may like to work on his or her thesis. Such discussions are not a commitment on anyone's part. Thesis chairs must be Epidemiology core or adjunct faculty. See faculty research interests.


  • December 1: We must receive the following items by the deadline in order for your application to be considered: Graduate School On Line Application, copy of previous UW Graduate or Medical School application including transcripts, reference letters, prior GRE scores (See Medical Student Application, if applicable) and TOEFL/IELTS/PTE scores (if applicable), a new statement of purpose, new CV or resume, 2-3 new references (depending on degree goal) , and new Optional Diversity Statement, if desired. See Application Procedures below for detailed information.

All concurrent degree applicants must re-apply through the Graduate school


Students currently enrolled in in a graduate or professional degree program at UW.

Your application will be reviewed along with non-UW applicants. Submit your application via the regular application procedure.

Autumn quarter entry is expected for most new students, but if you have already taken Epidemiology core coursework (EPI 512-13, and BIOST 511-12 or BIOST 517-8), you may apply to enter in Spring or Summer Quarter (Winter Quarter entry not allowed). Explain your rationale for earlier entry in your Statement of Purpose.

If you have taken the Epidemiology Doctoral Preliminary Examination, your score will be considered. Attach a copy of your score letter to the end of your resume/CV prior to uploading it in the application system.

If you have questions, email epi@uw.edu.


  • MD/MPH Concurrent Degree Applicants must apply to the UW Graduate School using the procedures above. GRE scores are not required from MD/MPH applicants at UW. Non-UW MD students must submit GRE scores and apply using the regular Application Procedures
    • An MD/MPH applicant should apply in his or her first year in the MD program if possible. He/she should contact epi@uw.edu upon arrival in Seattle to obtain application and MD course advice. Admission is very competitive.
  • Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) MD/PhD Applicants
    • Follow the Procedures above
    • GRE scores are not required for applicants who are part of the UW MSTP.
    • It is your responsibility to find guaranteed funding from a faculty mentor at the basic science level for your entire PhD program. During your first year in the PhD Program, your mentor must supplement your MSTP stipend to the basic science level. During your second through final PhD years, your mentor must provide full basic science-level funding. Securing such a commitment may be difficult because faculty in the Department of Epidemiology are dependent on NIH grant funding of limited duration and Epidemiology faculty usually pay the standard UW RA rate, which is signifacantly lower. Consult Funding for Graduate Students for more information. The Epidemiology Student Academic Services may be able to assist you with your search.
  • MD/PhD Applicants who are not enrolled in the UW MSTP: Apply using the same method as the MD/MPH applicants above. GRE General Test scores are required. You are not required to locate funding prior to admission, but it would be wise to try to do as early as possible.  Consult Funding for Graduate Students for more information.

Students not currently enrolled in a graduate or professional program at UW:

  • You must apply to both programs separately.
    • You should not use the same statement or references because both should speak to public health for your Epidemiology application.
    • You need not send GRE or English test scores separately.
    • You must pay two fees, although you may be able to waive one based on need if requested at least 7 calendar days in advance of submission. See the regular application instructions below.
  • Follow the regular application instructions.
  • Read this entire page for more important information.


  • Both degrees must be at the UW. (A student may earn a concurrent degree at another institution, but the requirements are completely separate.)

  • Concurrent students in the following programs may count 12 UW credits toward both degrees if approved by both departments:

    • A UW doctoral student in one department earning a UW master’s degree in another department, including, but not limited to the MD/MPH, PhD/MPH or PhD/MS.

    • A master’s student enrolled in formal concurrent master’s programs, including the MPH/MAIS, MPH/MPA, and MS/MPA. (We do not have a formal concurrent MSN/MPH in Epidemiology at the present time. See below for an alernative)

    • A student earning informal concurrent master’s degrees may not count 12 credits for both degrees according to Graduate School regulations. However, if a student earns more than the credits required by the Graduate School, it may be possible to count certain relevant courses toward both degrees with the approval of both departments. Consult epi@uw.edu and your current degree program office for more information.

    • Some non-thesis master’s programs in other departments will allow an Epidemiology thesis to count for the final paper or research component.  For more information, consult the other department. Epidemiology does not have a non-thesis option and a thesis from another department will not count in Epidemiology.

    This page was last updated on August 20, 2015