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Cancer Epidemiology

This area is geared to identify risk factors for cancer, enabling further understanding of cancer causes and creation of strategies to reduce the incidence of cancer. The Program defines risk and translates epidemiologic research into preventive interventions; by identifying cancer risk biomarkers, basic science studies can be better targeted to relevant mechanisms of human carcinogenesis. The UW Department of Epidemiology has strong collaborative relationships with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s Public Health Sciences Division

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Core Faculty:  
Parveen Bhatti, PhD, MSc pbhatti@fhcrc.org
Stephen Hawes, PhD hawes@uw.edu
Johanna Lampe, Ph D jlampe@fhcrc.org
Alyson Littman, PhD, MPH alyson@uw.edu
Margaret M. Madeleine PhD, MPH mmadelei@fhcrc.org
Beth Mueller, DrPH, MPH bmueller@fhcrc.org
Polly A. Newcomb, PhD, MPH pnewcomb@fhcrc.org
Amanda Phipps, PhD, MPH aiphipps@uw.edu
Thomas L. Vaughan MD, MPH tvaughan@uw.edu
Noel S. Weiss MD, DPH nweiss@uw.edu
Emily White PhD ewhite@fhcrc.org
Rachel Winer, PhD, MPH rlw@uw.edu
Affiliate Faculty:  
Diana Buist PhD, MPH buist.d@ghc.org
Chris Carlson PhD ccarlson@fhcrc.org
Chu Chen PhD cchen@fhcrc.org
Marian Neuhouser, PhD mneuhous@fhcrc.org

Relevant Courses

Electives related to cancer epidemiology:

  • NUTR 505 Phys Activity in Health and Disease
  • Epi 502 Phys Activity in Health and Disease
  • Epi 517 Genetic Epidemiology
  • Epi 528 Exposure Measurement in Epidemiology
  • Epi 538 Nutritional Epidemiology
  • Epi 542 Clinical Epidemiology
  • Epi 548 Social Determinants of Health Research Methods
  • Epi 573 Methods & Issues in Using Biological Measurements in Epidemiologic Research
  • Epi 590 Introduction to Laboratory Methods in Population Research

Training Grants:

For more information on epi courses go to Epidemiology Course Catalog


Areas of Faculty Research: