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Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology

Research to identify factors in community and work environment that affect human health, to assess and communicate their risks, develop strategies to reduce or eliminate their effects, and share the knowledge obtained.

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Core Faculty:  
Parveen Bhatti, PhD, MSc pbhatti@fhcrc.org
Scott Davis PhD, MS sdavis@fhcrc.org
Joel Kaufman MD, MPH joelk@u.washington.edu
Jonathan D. Mayer PhD, MA, BA jmayer@uw.edu
Thomas L. Vaughan MD, MPH tvaughan@u.washington.edu
Adjunct Faculty:  
Catherine Karr, PhD, MD, MS ckarr@uw.edu
Anne Vernez-Moudon, Doctor es Science moudon@u.washington.edu

Relevant Courses

Epi 528 Exposure Measurement
EPI 524 Epidemiologic Studies of Cancer Etiology and Prevention
EPI 570 Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology


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Training Grants:

Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Bioinformatics Training in Environmental Health (BEBTEH)


Areas of Faculty Research: