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Genetic Epidemiology

Genetic Epidemiology is the study of inherited genome variation that, either alone or in combination with factors in a person's environment or lifestyle, contributes to the risk of disease. These studies may focus on diseases that are transmitted through families, or on diseases that occur in the general population."

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Core Faculty:  
Parveen Bhatti, PhD, MSc pbhatti@fhcrc.org
Daniel A. Enquobahrie, MD,PhD, MPH danenq@uw.edu
Jack Goldberg, PhD goldie1@uw.edu
Susan R. Heckbert MD, MPH,PhD heckbert@uw.edu
Christopher I. Li, MD, PhD, MPH cili@fhcrc.org
Sara Lindstroem, PhD saralind@uw.edu
Kathleen Malone PhD, MPH kmalone@fhcrc.org
Ulrike Peters PhD, MPH upeters@fhcrc.org
Bruce M. Psaty MD, PhD psaty@uw.edu
Alexander P. Reiner MD apreiner@uw.edu
Stephen M. Schwartz PhD, MPH sschwart@fhcrc.org
Nicholas L. Smith PhD, MPH nlsmith@uw.edu
Janet L. Stanford PhD, MPH jstanfor@fhcrc.org
Thomas L. Vaughan, MD, MPH tvaughan@uw.edu
Adjunct Faculty:  
Gail P. Jarvik MD, PhD pair@uw.edu
Tuofu Zhu MD, PhD tzhu@uw.edu
Affiliate Faculty:  
Chris Carlson PhD ccarlson@fhcrc.org
Chu Chen PhD cchen@fhcrc.org

Relevant Courses


Genetic Epidemiology: Methods and Applications
Melissa A. Austin


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Areas of Faculty Research: