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Injury and Violence Epidemiology

Injury and violence epidemiology involves research projects on injury and injury prevention. Our areas of expertise include motor vehicle crashes, drowning, burns, falls, sports injuries, youth violence, intimate partner violence, homicide, suicide, and trauma care. We also focus on injury prevention strategies such as bike helmets, airbags, child safety and booster seats, designated driver programs, and drowning prevention.

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Core Faculty:  
Victoria L. Holt PhD, MPH vholt@fhcrc.org
Mary Kernic, PhD, MPH mkernic@uw.edu
Charlie Mock, MD, PhD cmock@uw.edu
Ali Rowhani-Rahbar, MD, MPH, PHD rowhani@uw.edu
Melissa A. Schiff MD, MPH mschiff@uw.edu
Adjunct Faculty:  
Beth E. Ebel MD, MPH bebel@uw.edu
Frederick P. Rivara MD, MPH fpr@uw.edu

Relevant Courses:


Harborview Injury Prevention & Researach Center - http://depts.washington.edu/hiprc/

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Areas of Faculty Research: