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International Health

International health addresses the causes and consequences of morbidity and mortality that cross regional or national boundaries. Emphasis is placed on research in resource-poor countries and application of research findings to the implementation of programs to promote health in those areas.

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Core Faculty:  
Jared Baeten, MD, PhD jbaeten@uw.edu
Daniel A. Enquobahrie, MD,PhD, MPH danenq@uw..edu
Carey Farquhar, MPH, MD cfarq@uw.edu
Annette L. Fitzpatrick, PhD fitzpal@uw.edu
Elizabeth Halloran, MD, MPH betz@uw.edu
Lisa E. Manhart, MPH, PhD lmanhart@uw.edu
Jonathan D. Mayer, PhD jmayer@uw.edu
Adjunct Faculty:  
Gerard A. Cangelosi, PhD jerry.cangelosi@sbri.org
Corey Casper, MD, MPH ccasper@uw.edu
Connie Celum, MD, MPH ccelum@uw.edu
Michael Chung,MD, MPH mhchung@uw.edu
Susan Graham, PhD, MD, MPH grahamsm@uw.edu
Ali Mokdad, PhD mokdaa@uw.edu
Kenneth Sherr, PhD, MPH ksherr@uw.edu
Judd L. Walson, MD, MPH walson@u.washington.edu
Affiliate Faculty:  

 Relevant Courses

EPI 520 Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases
EPI 527 Vaccines
EPI 529 Emerging Infections of International Public Health Importance
EPI 530 AIDS: A Multidisciplinary Approach
EPI 532 Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases in Resource-Limited Countries
EPI 539 Research Methods in Developing Countries
EPI 549 HIV/STI Prevention Research Methods
EPI 554 Introduction to Epidemic Modeling for Infectious Diseases
EPI 586 Responsible Conduct of International Research

Relevant Graduate Certificates

Global Health
HIV and STIs
Global Injury and Violence Prevention
Global Health of Women, Adolescents, and Children


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Areas of Faculty Research: