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Maternal and Child Health/Women's Health

To improve the physical and mental health, safety and well-being of the maternal and child health population in the U.S., which includes all of the nation’s women, infants, children, adolescents, and their families, including fathers and children with special health care needs. For intern at in al MCH, see the appropriate Certificate under the "Links" section below

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Core Faculty:  
Susan J. Astley PhD astley@uw.edu
Daniel A. Enquobahrie, MD,PhD, MPH danenq@uw.edu
Stephen E. Hawes, PhD hawes@uw.edu
Christopher Li , PhD, MPH cili@fhcrc.org
Kathleen Malone , PhD, MPH kmalone@fhcrc.org
Mary Ann Rossing, PhH, DVM mrossing@fhcrc.org
Stephen M. Schwartz PhD, MPH stevesch@uw.edu
Melissa Schiff, MPH, MD mschiff@uw.edu
Ann Vander Stoep PhD, MS annv@uw.edu
Marcia Williams PhD, MPH mswanson@uw.edu
Adjunct Faculty:  
Therese M. Grant PhD granttm@uw.edu
Jane Hitti MD, MPH jhitti@uw.edu
Susan D. Reed MD, MPH reeds@uw.edu
Frederick P Rivara, MD, MPH fpr@uw.edu
Affiliate Faculty:  
Diana Buist, PhD, MPH buist.d@ghc.org
Katherine Newton PhD, MA newton.k@ghc.org

Relevant Courses

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Maternal and Child Public Health Leadership Training Program
MCH Graduate Certificate
Global Health of Women Adolescents and Children (not part of the MCH track)

Training grants:


Areas of Faculty Research: