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Nutritional Epidemiology

Nutritional epidemiology is an area of epidemiology that involves research to:

  • Examine the role of nutrition in the etiology of disease.
  • Monitor the nutritional status of populations.
  • Develop and evaluate interventions to achieve and maintain healthful eating patterns among populations.
  • Examine the relationship and synergy between nutrition and physical activity in health and disease

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Core Faculty:  
Anju Aggarwal, PhD anjuagg@uw.edu
Shirley A. Beresford PhD beresfrd@u.washington.edu
Annette L. Fitzpatrick, PhD fitzpal@u.washington.edu
Mario Kratz, PhD mkratz@fhcrc.org
Alan R. Kristal DPH, MPH akristal@fhcrc.org
Johanna W. Lampe PhD jlampe@fhcrc.org
Riki Peters, PhD, MPH upeters@fhcrc.org
Amanda Phipps, PhD aiphipps@uw.edu


Adjunct Faculty  
Anne Vernez-Moudon, Doctor es Science moudon@u.washington.edu
Affiliate Faculty  
Marian L. Neuhouser, PhD, BSc mneuhous@fhcrc.org


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