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Teaching Resources for All Student

UW Huckabay Fellowshipsto top

Application Deadline in March Each Year
These fellowships require that students develop a UW new course, or modify an existing UW course, or a course elsewhere, well in advance of the deadline. For more information: http://www.grad.washington.edu/pff/huckabay.htm

Looking for TA Positions?to top
The following professors usually hire TAs for their classes. In general, you must have completed the course.

Noel Weiss/Victoria Holt/Ali Rowhani-Rahbar -- Epi 512-513
Bud Kukull -- Epi 511
Jack Goldberg--Epi 420
Carey Farquhar--Epi 530
Scott McClelland--Epi 532 (every other year)
Epi 536/537--Ask Biost which professors teach this course, as they change every year.
Steve Hawes--Epi 510
Beth Mueller/Steve Hawes--Epi 514
Public Health Genetics--Epi 517
Lisa Manhart--Epi 520
Ann Marie Kimball--Epi 529
Charles Mock--Epi 539
Also the Center for Public Health Practice hires TAs sometimes. Contact Mark
Oberle in the Dean's Office..
Anna Wald--Epi 590
Bryan Kestenbaum, Hubio 530 (Med School Epi class)
Extended Degree Program--Epi 511 (in Summer) sometimes hiring TAs

Departments Outside Epi that Sometimes Hire Epi Students:

  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Management
  • Health Services
  • Quantitative Science

Training for Teaching Assistants to top

See resources listed above plus the opportunities listed below:

New Autumn Quarter TAs must attend the New TA Conference offered mid-September. Experienced TAs are encouraged to attend! For more information go to: http://depts.washington.edu/cidrweb/TAConference/index.html

The Center for Instructional Development and Research (CIDR) offers individual teaching consultation for TAs upon request. Contact: 206-543-6588 or info@cidr.washington.edu.

Planning Guide for Faculty and TA's can be found at http://depts.washington.edu/cidrweb/LBulletins/9(1)FacultyTAGuide.html

Required Prerequisites and Training for International TA's (Note that international TA's are very rarely hired during their first quarter at the UW)

Participation in the ITA Training Program at CIDR (information above) during the first two quarters as a TA.

Resources for RAs, TAs and Trainees

Catalyst Workshop Series
Workshops can help TAs and RAs expand their technology skills and integrate technology into teaching and research. To view the schedule and register for these free workshops, go to http://catalyst.washington.edu/learning/workshops.html

New Catalyst Technology
There are learning suites in Odegaard Undergraduate Library to complement the existing Digital Audio Workstation. The Digital Presentation Studio can help students perform, record, and evaluate their presentation skills. TeamSpot facilitates small group collaboration with large plasma displays, Smartboard technology, and cutting edge collaboration software. The Digital Audio Workstation allows students to record and produce professional quality audio. Please consider using these suites and explore new ways to enhance learning. For more information email catalysthelp@u.washington.edu. to top



Updated on June 24, 2008