Harborview Project
Accessing Online Information for Immigrant and Refugee Health
(a.k.a. Accessing Health Information Project)

A project of the National Library of Medicine; Minority Consumer Health Outreach Program

About The Project

The National Library of Medicine Outreach Program is funding our project Accessing Online Information for Immigrant and Refugee Health to achieve the primary purpose of improving information access for health consumers, with an emphasis on providing information - or access to health or medical information - in a way that is meaningful to the target community.

This project is also known as the Accessing Health Information Project. It is a partnership project collaborated upon by: The National Library of Medicine, Harborview Medical Center, UW Health Sciences Libraries, and the City of Seattle Department of Information Technology. Members of the seven refugee and immigrant communities that are represented by Harborview Community House Calls Program are participating in the project. These seven are Cambodian, Ethiopian, Latino, Oromo, Somali, Tigrean and Vietnamese. Community based organizations, including the Somali Community Services of Seattle, The Ethiopian Community Mutual Association, Horn of Africa Services and the Oromo Community Organizaiton have been active partners in the project so far.

The City of Seattle Department of Information Technology is helping to coordinate collaboration with local computer technology centers (ctcs) as locations for outreach. Harborview is providing project leadership through members of EthnoMed staff (see ethnomed.org), the K. K. Sherwood Library, Community House Calls and volunteers. The UW Health Sciences Libraries helped with curriculum development, recruiting UW iSchool students as volunteers, and evaluation planning.

Beyond the internet access training program, the project is working with members of the seven communities and Harborview Medical Center staff on two other activities:

Please contact Christine Wilson Owens, the Project Coordinator, with inquiries about these activities.

The training the trainer program was the first activity on the project agenda. Planning took place from January-April, 2002. The timeline was extended for the development of materials and implementation of the program, which continues.

Background Materials and Project Information

NLM Proposal : Accessing Online Information for Immigrant and Refugee Health written by Christine Wilson Owens

Report to NLM: First Quarter

Report to NLM: Second Quarter

Introduction for Jan. 5, 2002, Volunteer Trainer Meeting

Summary of Jan. 5 Meeting for Trainers

Schedule for Volunteer Trainers (out of date)

Description of Job for Community Trainer and Call for Recommendations

Application for Community Trainer Position (PDF file)

Form for Recommendation for Community Trainer (PDF file)

Curriculum Template

Evaluation Form for Courses (not used)

Mike Pruzan Trainer Evaluation Form

March 8 Talk - Accessing Online Information: Slides: Handout p.1: Handout p.2

Log for Accessing Health Information

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