Harborview Project
Accessing Online Information for Immigrant and Refugee Health
(a.k.a. Accessing Health Information Project)

A project of the National Library of Medicine
Minority Consumer Health Outreach Program


Note: It is not the intention of the Accessing Health Information Project to provide specific medical advice, but rather to help users find information to better understand their health and diagnosed disorders. Specific medical advice will not be provided, and members of project urge you to consult with a qualified physician fordiagnosis and for answers to your personal questions.

The goal of the Project is to be a collaborative effort which improves access to internet-based health information for members of seven immigrant communities in Seattle, in a way that is culturally meaningful. Since January 2002 the project effort has involved small teams of community members who are developing training materials and classes for their communities. The materials and classes are for sharing skills and internet resources for finding good health information online.

Check the links below to view the training materials in progress, to learn more about the project and participants and to find contact information.

Current Community Training Pages

About the Project

Contact and Participants Information

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