Cambodian Health-Related Web Resources compiled by Leakhena Leng
October 2002

* Multi Cultural Communication
This site has tons of translated material like abuse, mental health, alcohol & drugs, diabetes, and women's health. For example, if you are interested in mental health, you click on the topic which is listed on the
left hand side of the page. It will lead you to a number of links you can click on like Help for Anxiety Problems. Just click on the one you want and it will lead you to the text and on the right are different language versions you can print the information in Adobe Acrobat. Most of the topics have translated material in Cambodian/Khmer, but some do not. You just have to go through the list. Some of the files take a while to download.

* Transcultural Mental Health Center
This is a site with translated materials in Cambodian/Khmer. The topics with translated materials in Cambodian/Khmer are:
What is Mental Health?
Stigma and Anxiety
Just click on any one of these topics and it will lead you to the text and on the right hand side, there are different language versions in PDF files you can read and print in Cambodian/Khmer.

* Minnesota Department of Health
This site has translated information in Cambodian/Khmer on these topics:
Hepatitus B
Just click on the topic you want, and it will lead you to printable materials on Adobe Acrobat.

* NAPCA-Information on Health Insurance
Translated information on these topics: Medicare Health Insurance
Medicare and Managed Care
Medicaid and QMB
Long Term Care
Just click on Khmer or the PDF version to print.

Asian Pacific Inlanders Women's Health

This site has translated information on cervical cancer and breast cancer.
It tells what you need to know about pap smears, mammograms, and things
you need to know about quality mammograms. Just click on Cambodian under
the headings Breast Cancer or Cervical Cancer.