Computer Resources and Classes for the Somali Community Center

Ellen Howard, MLS: Health Sciences Library, University of Washington, Seattle WA
with the collaboration of Alem Nicodimos and Hassan Osman.
Web page based upon materials prepared by Chholing Taha, Emily Hull and Janet Schnall.
August 2000. Modified March 2001.
    A Few Terms:
  • Internet
  • Browser: Internet Explorer, Netscape 
  • Search Tools: Google, Yahoo
  • http: hypertext transfer protocol 
  • URL: Uniform Resource Locator 
       Some Skills:
  • Basic Computer Use: use of equipment
  • Email 
  • Basic Internet Skills: searching the Web, locating information, evaluating sites, saving information
  • Basic Computer Skills: word processing, spread sheets 

Email HTML Project Information: Sampling of Search Tools:
What You Can Find:


Try: Somali OR East Africa 

What can the Internet find for you?
    Health and Consumer Resources:
  1. Ethnomed
  2. University of Washington Healthlinks
  3. MEDLINE Plus! - Consumer Health Information Topics. Example: Hepatitis or "Search" for [Pneumonia] and other illnesses not listed.
  4. PubMed - Medline for medical literature searching. Try: Skin Cancer and Teenagers
  5. Consumer Help for Teens by the Washington State Attorney General's Office
  6. For Kids Health - Lots of General Information
  7. Health Links for Teens by the AMA
  8. Free Teen Health Information Line
  9. Help!! I Can't Spell it! Online Medical Dictionary - Provided by the AMA - Pneumonia?
  10. One More Dictionary: Webster's Online Dictionary

    Cultural Information Links
  1. Britannica Online
  2. Historic American Cultural Info
  3. Information Please which includes Columbia Encyclopedia
  4. Library of Congress Country Studies
  5. National Museum of African Art
  6. Somali Net
  7. Dahabshiil Corporation commercial link of a worldwide financial service that links to BBC Somali radio and other Somali sources of information
  8. Somali Settlement Experiences in Canada
  9. The Somalis: their history and culture. Refugee Fact Sheet No. 9. Center for Applied Linguistics

    Homework Help
  1. Just for Kids
  2. Home Work Central
  3. Search AltaVista for Homework Help.
  4. SearchYahoo for Home Work Help

Evaluating Web Sites - if they build it, will you visit?

For detailed information see Navigating the Web: Using Tools and Evaluating Resources.
If you are NOT sure, ask these questions:

  • Purpose of the Web site
  • Who will be using the site
  • Who developed this web site and how was the content created
  • Who is associated with the author of the site (the publisher)
  • What organization (if any) sponsored(s) the Web site
  • Goal of Web site sponsor
  • Check the contents of the Web site for:

  • Other Questions????
    Please send me an e-mail to: Ellen Howard, MLS:
    08 Aug 2000