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Students’ Thoughts on Their Technology in the Classroom

In today’s classrooms, technology is a vital tool in making teaching and learning much more interactive, engaging, and empowering. Students use their mobile devices and computers to access the Internet, electronic resources, and other educational software/applications, resulting in an independent, student-driven learning environment.

For instructors and educators who are curious as to their effectiveness in using technology in their classrooms, the Educause Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR) recently released their latest version of its annual report, ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2013, which describes and illustrates how students feel about the use of technology in their classrooms.

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Tools That College Students Wish Their Instructors Used Either More or Less

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Time to Catch Up: The “Technology” Policy

For Isaac Sweeney, an assistant professor of English at Richard Bland College in Virginia, a simple revision of his syllabus proved to illustrate an important change of direction for his classroom. The change from having two separate policies about cellphones and e-mail, to just having one “Technology” policy, showed an acceptance and honesty about how his classroom, similar to many classrooms around the country, needs to “catch up” to the present trend in education: technology as an educational tool in the classroom.

Writing for The Chronicle of Higher Education, Sweeney talks about his firsthand experience letting students use their cellphones for class activities. Even though this may seem like blasphemy, the change in policy allows students to be empowered to use their cellphones as a tool for their own learning.

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50 Education Tools for Tech-Savvy Teachers

Just last August, a guest written article in Edudemic listed the 50 most widely used and increasingly popular technological tools for education. Ranging from social media websites, content and lesson plan applications, and interactive education games, these tools have been adopted to make teaching more effective, and learning more fun and involving. Even though many of these tools are used outside of the realm of education, they can still be used in creative ways to promote and facilitate a powerful teaching and learning experience.

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iPads in the Classroom

As technology begins to direct itself more towards education and learning, the adoption and integration of tablet devices in the classroom, as either replacements for traditional textbooks or additional tools for the curriculum, becomes a pioneering solution in the enhancement of education for students and instructors.

Earlier this fall, The Boston Globe’s Billy Baker reported on the increasing and popular uses of iPads in the classrooms of Cardinal Spellman High School in Brockton, Massachusetts. Each student was issued their very own iPad, making the dramatic move from textbooks and paper assignments, to a more digital and interactive alternative. Some students felt that they were much more organized, engaged, and excited about their learning. Many teachers saw that their students were more collaborative with each other and interactive with their assignments.

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