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LT Newsletter Fall 2012

Transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas

When do I need to move my content from Blackboard to Canvas? How do I move my Blackboard content to Canvas? Will my Blackboard content look at the same in Canvas? These are all great questions! Here are some quick tips and info about moving from Blackboard to Canvas.

1. You can move your content over at any time. All of your Canvas courses are available for winter and soon spring quarter, so you can begin moving your content over using the Canvas import tool. You can access Canvas at http://canvas.uw.edu. It’s probably best to plan on moving your courses over prior to summer 2013 when no new Blackboard courses will be created. After Dec. 31, 2013, Blackboard will be shut down.

2.  Course files, assignments, grade center columns, discussion forum prompts, tests and web links move over well from Blackboard to Canvas. It’s best to move course files separately to make it easier to use them in Canvas. Your Blackboard content will be organized differently in Canvas, but the essential core course concepts of assignments, grading, communicating etc. should hopefully be familiar enough to make it easier to make the transition. Here are the essential procedures to move these Blackboard elements over.

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