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December, 2012:

Majority of Students and Instructors at the UW found Tegrity Lecture Capture to be Useful


It has been just over a year since Tegrity was rolled out across the three campuses of the University of Washington and the findings of a recently released report by UW-IT indicate that a majority of faculty and students found Tegrity to be helpful in enhancing student learning in the classroom. Tegrity is a lecture capture tool that gives instructors the ability to record classroom activity and upload these recordings on a student accessible site to review later on. These recordings consist of of a combination of on-screen recordings of the computer and live audio/video feed of the class via webcam. By using this technology, instructors were able to provide additional resources to students who wish to review course material and catch up on lectures without much additional effort.

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iPads in the Classroom

As technology begins to direct itself more towards education and learning, the adoption and integration of tablet devices in the classroom, as either replacements for traditional textbooks or additional tools for the curriculum, becomes a pioneering solution in the enhancement of education for students and instructors.

Earlier this fall, The Boston Globe’s Billy Baker reported on the increasing and popular uses of iPads in the classrooms of Cardinal Spellman High School in Brockton, Massachusetts. Each student was issued their very own iPad, making the dramatic move from textbooks and paper assignments, to a more digital and interactive alternative. Some students felt that they were much more organized, engaged, and excited about their learning. Many teachers saw that their students were more collaborative with each other and interactive with their assignments.

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