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Evaluating the effectiveness of digital storytelling for student reflection

Evaluating the effectiveness of digital storytelling for student reflection
Martin Jenkins and Jo Lonsdale

This paper reports on the use of digital storytelling as a means of encouraging student engagement and reflection; consideration is also given to developing an appropriate mechanism to measure student reflection using this medium. Digital storytelling, the combination of still images with an audio track, was piloted in different learning contexts at the University of Gloucestershire, including: a students’ transition into higher education program; student presentations; and capturing reflections on personal development. Evaluations show that staff and students have found this approach to be a positive experience for encouraging student creativity; however, the very personal reflective nature of the stories created has raised issues about how student reflection and progression is adequately captured using this approach. The paper will report on the use of different models to assess this progression and the issues raised.

Link: http://www.ascilite.org.au/conferences/singapore07/procs/jenkins.pdf

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