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The World of Digital Storytelling

The World of Digital Storytelling
Jason Ohler

Ohler describes the practice of making a digital story, which he defines as a brief narrative usually told in first person, combining writing with digital images and sound, and presented as a short movie. The art of digital storytelling, he asserts, enhances the teaching power of storytelling by teaching students valuable technical skills, engaging student interest, expanding the audience for student stories, and sharpening skills of critical thinking, expository writing, and media literacy. He emphasizes that to make quality digital stories, teachers must focus on story before technology. He suggests ways to guide students in planning, writing, and orally telling their story before they begin creating the digital presentation. The article provides examples of well-crafted digital stories, some of which tie into academic content in math and science.

Link: http://uwashington.worldcat.org/oclc/425055429 Off-Campus Access

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