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Prezi Adds New Features

Have you tried Prezi yet? An old favorite of Learning Technologies, this online presentation tool is quickly growing in popularity as an alternative to linear slideshow programs. Just last month, they added three new features to the presentation mode that are quite exciting: Screen Blackout – Need a break from visuals for a moment? While […]

Transitioning out of PowerPoint

Ever had that feeling as an instructor where teaching a class felt like you’re striving to thread student discussion, yet it still leads to nowhere? Here’s a solution: ditch PowerPoint. Elimination of PowerPoint presentations with the replacement of a web presentation will enhance better conversations in the classroom according to a blog post regarding the […]

A New Presentation Platform Worth Looking At… Reveal.js and http://Slid.es

Tired of the same old PowerPoint presentations? So over the hype about Prezi? Want to be able to share presentations quickly without the hassle of attaching files or using services like Slideshare that may mess up your slide formatting? Meet Reveal.JS and http://slid.es. Reveal.JS is a platform created by Hakim El Hattab for web-based, HTML […]

50 Education Tools for Tech-Savvy Teachers

Just last August, a guest written article in Edudemic listed the 50 most widely used and increasingly popular technological tools for education. Ranging from social media websites, content and lesson plan applications, and interactive education games, these tools have been adopted to make teaching more effective, and learning more fun and involving. Even though many […]

Tips for Effectively Teaching with Your Multimedia Presentation

In a recent post on the SlideShare blog, Olivia Mitchell gave some helpful tips on giving an effective, informative presentation with slideshow tools. These days, there are may different tools available to create and present a slideshow– SlideShare, PowerPoint, and Prezi, to name a few big ones. However, some still struggle with creating an engaging, […]